Mia Khalifa PornHub star
Lebanese-born model Mia Khalifa's rising fame prompted Timeflies band members Rez and Cal to write a song for her.Facebook/ Mia Khalifa

What porn sensation Mia Khalifah's idol Kim Kardashian attempted to do in 2014, the Lebanon star has accomplished in 2015. The 21-year-old star has been courting controversies ever since her first adult film surfaced online in October last year. 

Khalifa moved to the US from her birthplace Lebanon when she was 10. Tagged as the reigning queen of world's most popular site PornHub, she became the recipient of many death threats and online bullying when the believers of Islam, especially those from Lebanon, saw her performing sexual acts on camera while wearing a hijab.

The hatred from across the world however, only seem to have blown up her fame. She has over 177,000 followers on Twitter and 235,000 followers on Instagram. 

In fact, captivated with the Lebanon beauty, the American music duo Timeflies, consisting of producer Rob Resnick and vocalist Cal Shapiro, wrote a song for her, aptly titled "Mia Khalifa". The song written in a hip-hop style has been played over 260,310 on sound cloud and has been favourited by 2,941 users. 

The song, which caught the attention of the muse herself, has been posted on Khalifa's Twitter wall as well. On Youtube, the song has over 225,746 hits.