TikTok may be in the news right now for the CarryMinati row, but there are still some TikTokers who're receiving attention for their talent. Often receiving consistent backlash, TikTok is a new generation platform that for some reason keeps ticking people off for some reason.

A TikTok video of a dancer has gone viral as he grooves to You Are My Sonia. Some may even argue he does the dance better than Hrithik. Now, the internet is demanding that Hrithik watch this video. 

Arman Rathod and Hrithik Roshan
TikTok, Twitter

Arman Rathod goes viral with You Are My Sonia on TikTok

TikTok is something the generation has taken to quickly. It's not everybody's cup of tea and it's given us some of the most questionable albeit popular content on the internet. While the current generation is utilising their time on the app to make short videos, and everybody seems to be on it, there's still some talent on it, which gets hidden behind the silly videos. 

Recently, Arman Rathod was discovered by netizens on TikTok with his dance videos. The common man, the internet doesn't know anything about yet, has now impressed a huge section of the audience pulling off complex dance routines from varying genres on TikTok.

Taking us back to pure and simple talent, now many are demanding on Twitter that the talent be noticed and Bollywood rise up to acknowledge Rathod. They believe Bollywood will open doors to Arman, moreover his dance to Hrithik Roshan's You Are My Sonia is grabbing a lot of eyeballs. 

Here's another video of Arman Rathod dancing to Ishq Leta Hain Jaan

Surely, if Hrithik were to see this dancer, he'd be might impressed.