Tik Tik Tik
Jayam Ravi's Tik Tik Rik is the first space film to be made in India.PR Handout

After making the first Zombie movie in south India in 2016 with the Tamil flick Miruthan in 2016, the same actor-director duo —Jayam Ravi and director Shakti Soundar Rajan have again collaborated to do a path-breaking movie, this time on space. Their upcoming film Tik Tik Tik, which is hitting the screens in India on Friday, June 22, is the first film to be made in this genre in India.

Cast and crew:

Nivetha Pethuraj plays the female lead in Tik Tik Tik. Aaron Aziz, Ramesh Thilak, Vincent Asokan, Arjunan, Jayaprakash, Rethika Srinivas, Balaji Venugopal and others form the prominent cast. S Venkatesh has handled the cinematography department, while Pradeep E Raghav has edited the flick. D Imman has scored the music and the title track, Kurumba (Father version) and Race Against Time songs have struck the chord with the viewers:

Tik Tik Tik Story:

Jayam Ravi does not play the role of an astronaut as perceived by many. He is a magician and an escape artist named Vasu in Tik Tik Tik. An asteroid strikes the town of Ennore a neighbourhood in Chennai. The scientists soon predict one more collision with greater impact in the next seven days. With such a massive threat that could kill a huge number of people, Vasu is brought into the picture.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

The Defense Space Division team (DSD) has to destroy the asteroid and it needs a missile to avoid the asteroid hitting Chennai. With very less time in hand, the DSD can lay its hands on the the missile only through illegal means. Hence, it devises a plan and brings escape artist Vasu along with his friends on board for the mission. But as they set the journey to the space Vasu gets a call which threatens to kill his son if he fails to obey the orders of the caller. What follows next should be seen on-screen.


Tik Tik Tik has impressed the audience with its breathtaking visuals, BGM and one-liners to suit the taste of the local audience. The art work and music department have been whole-heartedly lauded by netizens, but the story is letdown by logical loopholes. Further, the supporting cast looked misplaced especially for a space adventure film, say viewers. Nonetheless, Jayam Ravi and Nivetha have done justice to their roles.

Tik Tik Tik Review

sridevi sreedhar: Superbbb effort #TikTikTik team! Made with real passion, commitment and hard work #Proud of u @ShaktiRajan @actor_jayamravi and the entire lot. It can't get better No compromises! Slick space thriller @JabaksMovies @proyuvraaj @immancomposer scores with d title track

Tamil Cinema: The unexplored genre manages to create interest but gets the show spoiled by the logic less screenplay.
 Applaudable attempt from the team.
 Main problem is director @ShaktiRajan in the view of making the movie short and crisp has left it undetailed.
As a result you get to see rushed sequences and half boiled emotions that ends up in a huge disconnect with this visionary movie (2.5/5)

Manobala Vijayabalan: #TikTikTik [3/5]: Second half could have been better. Logic was missing in few places. Unconvincing climax twist. The detailing wasn't up to the mark for C center audience.
#TikTikTik [3/5]: Worthy Watch. Kudos @ShaktiRajan for bringing a new concept to Indian Cinema. Top performance from @actor_jayamravi & #NivethaPethuraj. Supporting cast did their part. @immancomposer BGM is a big plus. Must appreciate VFX for executing in the limited budget.
Starts with an asteroid fall in Chennai

- Moves towards a secret space mission
 - @actor_jayamravi shines
 - Meaty role for #NivethaPethuraj
- Father-Son sentiment
 - @immancomposer BGM & Songs
- Comedy works
- Technically strong

Joel Roy Mathew: #TikTikTik a film that needs to be welcomed and it sure not to disappoint u, definitely a WorthWatch film Tiz combo @ShaktiRajan & @actor_jayamravi never fails to entertain us, in total love with the film @immancomposer #Bgm pottu thakkirukinga a superb century Dont miss the film

Sathish Kumar M: #TikTikTik 1st half Director @ShaktiRajan has attempted a space film with lots of Kollywood's commercial events to satisfy all Centers. Zero gravity scenes have come out well with wonderful BGM by @immancomposer @actor_jayamravi & his son scenes were cute
‪Commonman Sathish: #TikTiKTik @ShaktiRajan ,1st Indian director to take a Space film with vfx with limited budget. Good attempt, though he has compromised a lot to satisfy all centers. As Tamilians, we have to motivate this kind of attempt, rather than comparing with Massive budget Hollywood films‬

Kaushik LM:  #TikTikTik - 3/5.. Definitely a watch worthy attempt in an ambitious new genre for Tamil cinema.. This space experience has its share of interesting moments thrown in.. You may give it a shot.. @ShaktiRajan @actor_jayamravi
 #TikTikTik 1st half - The dangerous asteroid attack & the team's risky space mission are established. Some typical commercial comedy elements are infused. Definitely a brave new genre attempt by @ShaktiRajan. @actor_jayamravi & #NivethaPethuraj are a grt fit..
 #TikTikTik 1st half - The scenes inside the space shuttle (grt set work) are proof enough of the technical crew's quality and attention to detail. The 'zero gravity' effect has been presented well..

Hari: #TikTikTik is when armaeggadon meets Tamil cinema at its best. Breathtaking visuals,dramatic sound orchestration & most importantly screenplay & simple dialogues to suit nama regional flavour. Yes it's inspired by many Hollywood movies,but every movie is an inspiration of another

Cinemakaran: #TikTikTik 1st half
 Engaging so far.. Technically good esp art direction, VFX with medium budget..Very new in Indian cinema. @ShaktiRajan @actor_jayamravi did what the character wants.. #Aaravravi is good..

Ashwin ✨: #TikTikTik must watch film.. Amazing vfx and the bgm by @immancomposer is really stunning along the screenplay.
 @actor_jayamravi and #Aarav real n reel dad-son relationship is indifferent..! @ShaktiRajan I want to learn many things from this man

Sidhu: #TikTikTik: Definitely likable space adventure. Brave new attempt to bring a never-seen-before genre to Tamil cinema, done with our sensibilities. Occasionally convenient, yet a neatly shot film on the whole.
 #TikTikTik Interval: Good progress. Moving at a brisk pace with some interesting incidents and few far cries. Like the way the narrative has been dealt with keeping the Indian audience in mind.

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #TikTikTik Interval - Not even 1% the budget of hollywood space movies. What this team has done is pioneering work, a blue print for indian space movies to come ! Sakthi Soundara Rajan the genius . @immancomposer - Most understated Music director , BGM just rocks !!

VCD: However, #TikTikTik is a film that needs to be watched in theaters for its new genre, Making and Space related moments. A family outing indeed.
 #TikTikTik Interval - Definitely a very good attempt which makes Tamil Cinema proud. Quality in all the technical aspects, especially Art Direction, VFX. Nice to see the Zero Gravity shots in Kollywood. This will be remembered.
 @ShaktiRajan @JabaksMovies

Christopher Kanagaraj: #TikTikTik | Should appreciate d Producer, Dir Shakthi & Jayam Ravi for trying to deliver a different film. Idea/plot is good, had lot of scope, but execution is not satisfying. Not much scope for any actors to perform well. Poor CG work. Imman's Songs r gud. Avg. Good attempt!