Ajay Devgn
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Ajay Devgn is today a big star and is very rarely engulfed in any controversy. But he on a chat show had revealed that he used to get engaged in a lot of fights publicly before becoming an actor, and once was even beaten by 20-25 people.

A throwback video on social media shows Ajay, Abhishek Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt appeared on a chat show as guests that was hosted by Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh.

Riteish asked the three stars if they had ever got into any fights publicly before entering the industry. While the other two actors remained silent, Ajay said that he had such encounters multiple times. Adding that he has beaten a lot of people and a lot of times got thrashed by people too, Ajay recalled an interesting incident from the past where he was beaten by 20-25 people.

Sajid then took over and narrated the incident as he was also a part of it. He said that Ajay used to own a white jeep, in which they all used to roam around. Once, while Ajay was driving with Sajid and some others, a kid suddenly jumped in front of the vehicle, and was almost hit by the car.

However, Ajay managed to hit the brakes on time, and the child was safe, but the kid got so scared that he started crying. People from the locality surrounded them, and started blaming Ajay of rash driving. When the angry mob then started hitting them, Ajay's father Veeru Devgan got to know about it, and rushed to the spot with around 150 fighters. Seeing so many fighters and Veeru Devgan's anger, the public mellowed down, Sajid concluded.

Well, it certainly is an interesting blast from the past. You can watch the video by clicking here.