Salman Khan is a man with a golden heart, you might have definitely heard fans or his industry friends making this statement for him. But there is also another side to Salman that a very few people have personally experienced, the Khan doesn't easily forget nor forgives.

It was when Juhi Chawla had appeared on Salman Khan's reality show Bigg Boss season 9 a few years ago. That was the first time we saw both these sharing the screen together. 

She couldn't contain her excitement at being on the same platform as Salman. "I am the only heroine of his generation whom he has never co-starred with," Juhi moaned hoping to get Salman's sympathy, attention, and dates.

But Salman being outspoken that he is, took a jibe at the actress reminding her that she had once refused to star opposite him in a movie directed by Bobby Kent and instead had recommended Aamir Khan's name to the makers.

salman Khan and Juhi Chawla
salman Khan and Juhi Chawla

Juhi pretended to have not recollected the incident but her expressions were doing all the talking about where is Salman coming from. To divert the discussion she smilingly said, "We can work together now." To which Salman replied, "Yeah, you can play my mother now."

But Juhi gave it back to him saying that when he has his kids she shall surely play the role of a mother to them.

Salman takes the revenge

For the uninitiated, During the 80s, Juhi Chawla and Mithoon Chakraborty were roped in for Bobby Kent's film 'Number 1' but due to financial crisis, the shooting of the film had to be stopped in the middle until Bobby Kent got a new financer and the shooting resumed but by then Mithoon had already left the film, so Bobby Kent decided to replace Mithoon with Salman Khan.

However, Juhi refused to star opposite Salman in the film as according to her she had signed the film only because of Mithoon, but after several requests, she agreed to continue with the shoot but pitched Aamir Khan's name to the director. Bobby Kent was quite exhausted with the entire process that he changed the entire cast of the film and later went on to cast Saif Ali Khan and Ayesha Jhulka for the film.

Back then Salman was going through a rough patch in his career and Juhi Chawla's refusal came as a shock to him that he couldn't handle. This is the reason these two stars never starred opposite each other in any film.