Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash

An incident was witnessed in Telangana's Cyberabad where three youngsters were brought in to the Serilingampally municipal office for reportedly abusing the police on patrol on Wednesday night, September 23. 

The three were under the influence of alcohol, cops claimed and a complaint has been filed against the trio.

Cops arrest three youngsters for drinking and abusing police on parol

The three youngsters, 31-year-old Dutta Adithya a contractor, 29-year-old Maadri Prithvi Raj a management student and Ballam Ravi Varma a 31-year-old working as an employee in a private firm were arrested on Wednesday night in Cyberabad, Telangana

The police had asked the three to disperse when they were found drinking in a public place. The cops had asked them to disperse but they didn't and proceeded to use objectionable language against them, the cops claimed.

A case has been registered against the youngsters under sections 188 and 353 of the IPC. The three were then brought in for questioning and there too they were said to have refused to divulge details. The three will be produced before a court, local media reported. However, the cops managed to identify them, one of whom is believed to be a student at a management school. 

It is pertinent to note that the said business school does not have any students on campus due to COVID. We are ascertaining the other version as well. As soon as we receive it, the story will be duly updated.