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The Good Friday Week began with a surprise from the Marvel camp as they released the teaser trailer of Thor: Ragnarok. The Chris Hemsworth-starrer will clash with Justice League in November this year. While box office results will determine the winner between DC and Marvel, the Thor and Hulk featuring trailer has already touched a milestone.

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Within 24 hours of its release, the Thor: Ragnarok trailer garnered more than 136 million views in only 24 hours, reports The Hollywood Reporter. This milestone marks Marvel and Disney's most watched trailer ever in 24 hours.

Not only did it touch the most watched mark for Marvel, it also became the most watched trailer across Disney camp's movie trailers that include Disney's live-action and animation divisions, Pixar and Star Wars, THR write.

Before Thor 3's trailer, the record was held by The Beauty and the Beast trailer for Disney with 127.6 million views and Captain America: Civil War held the previous Marvel record with 94 million views.

Team Captain America v Team Iron Man
Team Captain America v Team Iron Man inFacebook/Captain America

The third sequel to Thor will be different from the previous installations. Talking to Entertainment Weekly last month, director Taika Waititi teased fans that the new Marvel movie will watch Hemsworth's funny side in the foreplay.

While the New Zealand-based director did mention earlier, the teaser did justice to the statement as fans not only got a sneak peek into the film but also watched Hemsworth's Thor turn around a serious fight scene with Hulk. The scene was transformed into a most hilarious twist as he expressed his relief on seeing his "work" bud on the field. It is after a few moments that he recalls that he is up against THE Hulk!

Set against Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song, the first trailer, unlike other superhero movies, gave fans a good look at the villain of the movie and her powers.

Though many movies prefer to keep the villain's look under the wraps, Thor director chose to put the Goddess of Death, Hela out in the open for the fans to determine her power. While we did see Hulk, Doctor Strange went missing from the teaser.

Thor: Ragnarok is slated to release on November 3 and features Hemsworth reprising the title role, Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch, The Incredible Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo and Thor's half brother Loki played by Tom Hiddleston come together on screen.