This is Us
This is Us episode 2 featured yet another twist.Facebook/This is Us

NBC's family drama This is Us continues to surprise viewers with its shocking twists, and the second episode was no exception. The episode titled The Big Three saw Randall's children rushing to welcome their grandparents, and it was revealed that Milo Ventimiglia's Jack wasn't the one they were calling grandpa.

We were introduced to Miguel, a friend of Jack's who clearly liked Rebecca even when she was with Jack. While the episode doesn't explain what happened to Jack, it's safe to assume that Rebecca did not leave him as she was wearing the necklace that Jack gave her. Is he dead?

In a recent chat with HollywoodLife, Ventimiglia did not reveal the events that lead to Rebecca marrying Miguel, but said that the upcoming episodes will focus on Jack and Rebecca and how they handle the issues that come with handling three children.

"He loves his wife. He loves his kids, and he's a hopeful guy. He's a good guy," Ventimiglia told HollywoodLife.. "I think people can expect, hopefully, a good display of how a good man deals with marriage and fatherhood and career and any of the things that kind of get thrown at these human beings… and how you try to do your best and still keep love involved in your life in every possible way."

In the next few episodes, viewers will see Jack and Rebecca "through the decades" and it will include "the all encompassing world of a marriage and parenthood and dealing with the curveballs that get thrown at you every day."

This is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC. In India, the show will air Saturdays on Star World Premiere HD. Episode 3 is titled Kyle and it will focus on Rebecca trying to form a connection with their adopted child Randall.