Oppo is often associated with stylish smartphones, but it hasn't really made it quite big in the accessories category. But the latest smartphone accessory is worth getting all the attention for its unique capabilities. Oppo introduced a power bank in India, but it's not like the regular ones available in the market.

Oppo's 20W VOOC fast charging power bank comes with 10,000mAh capacity, which can power up at least three smartphones or the same phone thrice. But the power bank's 20W fast charging is what makes it so unique, helping users power up the phones faster.

While the fast charging feature makes a solid USP, the pricing is sure to grab attention. Oppo's VOOC power bank is available on all e-commerce sites as well as in offline stores for Rs 1,499.

In terms of specifications, Oppo 10,000mAh VOOC powerbank has an aluminum body with two 5,000mAh batteries. The design of the power bank is in line with Oppo's design philosophy, complete with the company's logo along the center. There are four LED lights to indicate the charge left in the power bank.

Oppo power bank available in India
Oppo power bank available in IndiaAmazon.in

The power bank features 1 USB Type-C and 1 USB Type-A port to support a wide range of devices. Oppo's power bank also tries to meet the highest safety standards with dual safety protection for the batteries and an integrated smart chip to adjust output power. There are 13 layers of safety protection for the power circuit, according to Oppo.

There may be a lot of power banks out there, but Oppo's low pricing and fast charging technology make it a compelling product for travelers, even if you're off to a one-day trip. Also, people who would hate to sit by the power socket only to charge the phone can benefit a lot from this power bank.