Deadpool 2, Avengers infinity war, thanos
Marvel/Facebook and YouTube Screenshot

It is safe to say that Avengers: Infinity War is seeing some of the best artworks by fans. Fans have been putting out their best work and director Russo Brothers are subtly giving a nod to the best of fans works.

But we'd like to know their thoughts on this one. A recent fan poster has surfaced online and oh boy, it is epic.

The poster features Deadpool holding up a middle finger addressing the Avengers. And it is not a simple middle finger. The X-Men character holds up the abusive sign wearing the stone-studded Infinity Gauntlet.

Imagine Deadpool gets hold of the Gauntlet! Thanos is capable of destroying the world with it but can you think of the amount of chaos Deadpool would create if he gets hold of it. And if Thanos and Deadpool would meet, the hilarious encounter they would have. Our imaginations are going crazy!

While there might not be a Deadpool-Avengers crossover anytime soon, there will be a Deadpool-Thanos crossover in Deadpool 2, confirmed Thanos actor Josh Brolin. The star, who plays the character of Cable in the R-Rated sequel, told Entertainment Weekly that there are a few dialogues written referring to the Mad Titian.

While we wait to see what the digs could be, we have to make do with the stunning Deadpool-Thanos- Avengers crossover in this fan poster.

These fan arts are catching the eyes of Marvel Studios heads and Russo Brothers. A few weeks ago, a group of Malaysian schoolboys reimagined the Infinity War trailer under a tight budget and Russo Brothers shared it appreciating their efforts.

Then there was a fan who reimagined Thanos' relationship with Gamora using the famous Logan Wolverine-Laura poster which the director duo used as the display pictures of their social media accounts.

More recently, a fan replaced every Avenger with the missing Hawkeye after there was growing curiosity over where the character was in the Infinity War. Joe and Anthony Russo changed the cover picture to the hilarious fan-made poster.

Avengers: Infinity War releases on April 27 and Deadpool 2 releases on May 18.