Despite the COVID-19 pandemic claiming hundreds and thousands of lives and infecting millions more, some people still think it's a hoax. it's definitely not. But a 30-year-old man from Texas, US, thought he would see it first hand if the virus is real and he did in the most unfortunate way. The US man attended a "COVID-19 party" hosted by an infected person and it turned out to be a huge mistake.

The San Antonio resident died after he contracted the virus while attending the COVID-19 party. This shocking trend of hosting a COVID-19 party should be condemned and shut down as they only add to the spiking tally of the virus.

'I made a mistake'

Coronavirus patient in hospital
Medical workers wearing personal protective equipment take care of a patient suffering from the coronavirus at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, India, May 28, 2020.Courtesy: REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

The US is already the worst-hit country by COVID-19. With more than 135,000 confirmed deaths from the virus and 3.4 million cases, coronavirus is anything but a hoax. The deceased had realized the mistake he had made and told the nurse: "I think I made a mistake. I thought this was a hoax, but it's not."

"Someone will be diagnosed with the disease, and they'll have a party to invite their friends over to see if they can beat the disease," Jane Appleby, chief medical officer at the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, was quoted as saying by AFP. But doing so underlines the risk to younger people who think they are invincible when in fact they are at an equal amount of risk as they may not realise how sick they really are before it is too late.