It is been more than one year that the novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc in all nooks of the planet. With more than 60 million positive cases and nearly 1.5 million deaths worldwide, the pandemic is showing signs of a perfect storm with no end in near sight. However, several countries like India have started reopening procedures following a drop in coronavirus positive cases. Amid all this havoc, a team of UK scientists has warned that a potential third wave of coronavirus may hit the country after Christmas.

Lifting of restrictions could trigger third wave

According to these scientists, relaxation of restrictions during the Christmas period will result in a drastic surge in coronavirus cases in the country. Scientists also warn that this lifting of relaxations could ultimately result in unnecessary deaths all across the United Kingdom.

coronavirus positive kids
Courtesy: Reuters

It should be noted that the government of the United Kingdom has asked families in the country to gather in three-household groups of any size during Christmas.

According to researchers, this could turn out to be a suicidal move where more people will contract the virus. These experts believe that this possibility is not just confined to the UK, but an irresponsible lifting of lockdown restrictions could result in a surge in coronavirus cases in all countries across the world.

A dire warning from researchers

Professor Andrew Hayward from Sage claimed that Christmas celebrations could make elderly people a victim of the deadly coronavirus.

"Bringing them together for hours, let alone days, with elderly relatives, I think, is a recipe for regret for many families. With the vaccine on the way, if we are not very careful over Christmas, we are really in danger of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on this one," Hayward told BBC.

Earlier, a statement from the World Health Organization had also revealed that the development of a vaccine may not be sufficient enough to wipe out the COVID-19 from the planet.