Director Krishna Vijay's Telugu movie Thipparaa Meesam featuring Sri Vishnu and Nikki Tamboli in the lead roles has received positive review and rating from the audience. It is a romantic action thriller, which has been written by Asura fame director Krishna Vijay and produced by Rizwan. The movie has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.38 hours.

Thipparaa Meesam story: It is about an extremely is a spoiled brat (Sree Vishnu), who considered as social deviant. He is frustrated that society hasn't seen his life from his point of view. How he gets into an adventure to fight against all odds is the rest of the story.

Analysis: Thipparaa Meesam has an interesting story and Krishna Vijay has created an engaging screenplay for it. Some bold and action scenes keep you entertained in the first half of the film. The second half especially the last 30 minutes of the movie are high on emotional quotient, say the audience.

Thipparaa Meesam
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Performance: Sri Vishnu has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the highlight of Thipparaa Meesam. Nikki Tamboli has done justice to her role and her chemistry with the hero is good. As the hero's mother, Rohini has done a good job and her sentimental scenes with Sri are the attractions of the film. Naveern Neni, Ravi Prakash and Lahari have also done good jobs, say the audience.

Technical: Thipparaa Meesam has superb production values. Suresh Bobbili's background score, Sid's picturisation, Sharmela Yalisetty's beautiful art direction, Ramakrishna and Real Satish's fights are the attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Thipparaa Meesam movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' response on the film shared on Twitter. Scroll down to see the audience's reactions.

SADDY @king_sadashiva

Bold First Half, concept kothaga undi. Decent so far #ThipparaaMeesam Good second half with excellent climax 30 mins. Mother sentiment, emotions and performances are top notch. Better narration in 1st half and more entertainment would have made it an excellent film. Still a very good attempt and decent watch. Sri Vishnu 3.25/5 #ThipparaaMeesam

Anil @Anil_sadhu96

First half completed. Vishnu is here with his career best performance. #ThipparaaMeesam Hit - 3.5/5 Last 1/2 hr sums up the entire film. With some great Performances by @sreevishnuoffl and Rohini along with well supported BGM and Visuals. Don't miss it! #ThipparaaMeesam

Kiran Peddada @KiranPeddada

1st half Performances and BGM Especially that forest Fight #ThipparaaMeesam Last 30 minutes of the Film ends upon a High note to make it a must watch film. @sreevishnuoffl and Rohini garu jeevinchesaaru. BGM #ThipparaaMeesam

Raju @Rajuroyal1992

Interval Episode was crazy. You won't expect that coming. #ThipparaaMeesam Library Scene lo @sreevishnuoffl acting and his Transformation towards the end is Emotional Scenes worked out well. #ThipparaaMeesam

Thyview @Thyview

#ThipparaaMeesam @sreevishnuoffl goes batshit crazy in this okish 1st half. Saturated colors(Visuals) and loud music (EDMesqe) stand out but, uneven editing and dialogues are a letdown and the supporting cast are not so great either. #ThipparaaMeesam Very few things worked in this poorly written/made action drama. @sreevishnuoffl's uninhibited portrayal as Mani & Cinematography are the only takeaways, Dissapointing...!!!

Chanukya Budaraju @imchanukya

#ThipparaaMeesam Good Subject With an Emotion. @sreevishnuoffl What a Make Over By Him, Completely Changed From His Past Movies. #Rohini Gaaru Done a Good Role and Carried Emotion Throughout the Film.

K surendra varma @surendra_varmas

#ThipparaMeesam Under water and forest episode mind blowing....@sreevishnuoffl performance mind blowing...once again sreevishnu proved as a finest actor


#ThipparaaMeesam First Half - Unbearable!! #Sreevishnu's acting is good #Rohini's acting is good Rest everything is bad 2nd half should be out of world to bail this out. #ThipparaaMeesamReleaseDay #ThipparaaMeesamOnNov8th #ThipparaMeesam Final Report - Below Average Slightly better 2nd half Last 20 mins is good Sreevishnu & Rohini acted well Rest all is bad #ThipparaaMeesamReleaseDay #ThipparaaMeesamOnNov8th

kiishorr @rkishorevarma

#ThipparaaMeesam Fist half Adhiripoindhi under water episode kekaaaaa @sreevishnuoffl Action Superrr #ThipparaMeesam Blockbuster Pakka Mass Entertainer thippudham mesam @sreevishnuoffl Action Mind blowing................

Datla Teja @datlateja12

#ThipparaaMeesam @KrishnavijayL direction marvellous.. Same time @sreevishnuoffl acting connect aindhi baga... Under water forest scene aithe cinema ki boosting ichindi.. #ThipparaaMeesam we are so happy and exited to see @sreevishnuoffl in such a massive role..

TeluguBulletin @TeluguBulletin

#ThipparaaMeesam First-half report: @sreevishnuoffl's performance . Cinematography, BGM and sound effects are technically great. As a Story wise It tests your patience .

JustinKumar @JustinKumar24

#ThipparaaMeesam USA Live Review (First 20 mins) Excellent acting by @sreevishnuoffl Love proposal is cute Love montage song is nice (Music, Lyrics, Taking all great) Kudos to DOP & Costumes department #ThipparaaMeesam First Half Report - acting and BGM are highlights - Interval scene is good - Few unnecessary scenes - Rohini garu Mother role is nice - New story line - Director failed in execution - Rating for first half: 2/5 #ThipparaaMeesam title thone @sreevishnuoffl youth lo oka energy create chesadu..

Phanivarma @Phaniva29017029

#ThipparaaMeesam interval scene box baddalaipoindhi Interval block is superrr @sreevishnuoffl action badhalaghotesadu

Ashmeel sk @Ashmeelsk9966

#ThipparaaMeesam 3.5/5 Emotional Action Drama. Last 30minutes of the film was Terrific. After Chathrapathi #ThipparaaMeesam is the only telugu film where emotional scenes with Mother worked out well. Climax was Mind Blowing.

BlockBuster Friday @BB_Friday

#ThipparaaMeesam 1st Half Report Aimed at Youth and Urban audience, 1st half works out well. @sreevishnuoffl delivers a solid performance. #ThipparaaMeesam Final Report Mother-Son relationship has been showcased beautifully. @sreevishnuoffl puts up a very good performance. On the flipside, the movie moves at a very slow pace & feels a bit lengthy. Nothing much on entertainment side as well Our Rating : 2.75/5

FDFS Review @ReviewFdfs

#ThipparaMeesam..!!! Thippadaniki emi ledu akkada..! Edo last knchm vachindi anthe..! Dragged and meaningless narration for the whole plot that only turned out good at the last end..! Heroine's over make up and unnecessary #DJ style #BGM are added as headaches...! 2.25/5..!!

Manoj @manojvalluri

#ThipparaaMeesam The best performance till date from @sreevishnuoffl. One man show all the way! You are an ACTOR man! And cinematographer #Sid mesmerized with the color pattern. #SureshBobbili BGM is good #Rohini garu is perfect in her role.

AVAD @avadsays

#ThipparaaMeesam Has a decent story but is spoilt by wayward narration. Dull first half..unnecessary crime scenes..Climax was good. @sreevishnuoffl is a very good actor and holds fort. Liked him..

SHREYAS ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ @Shreyas_PN

Just saw #ThipparaaMeesam in #Bengaluru. Career best performance by @sreevishnuoffl. Last 30 minutes aithe peaks . Once again manchi content unna cinemalu cheyadam lo one of the best ani Sree vishnu prove cheskunaru. Must watch. Suresh Bobbili BGM

VT10 Loading @SHIVAPURI12

Show Time #ThipparaMeesam Very excited about movie. Wishing all the Very best to One of my favourite actor,, versatile,, finest Actor @sreevishnuoffl Anna . It seems to sure shot another Block buster @Thipparaameesam @nikkitamboli @KrishnavijayL @Krishnarzl @RizwanEnt #ThipparaaMeesam @sreevishnuoffl Anna Mark different subject and Specially Different and it's New to Telugu cinema in screen play,, @sreevishnuoffl anna Rugged look's and His performance makes movie into decent and good,, @KrishnavijayL good writing #ThipparaaMeesam Perfectly protraying the Bonding and Relationship in between Mother and Son,, little bit of Boreing while slow pace narration and some lengthy scenes,, Lack of Entertainment is One of the disappointing aspects of the movie. once again @sreevishnuoffl Anna nsiled

కళ్యాణ్ బమ్మిడి @bk_kalyan

#ThipparaaMeesam Disappointed. The presentation was as messed up as hero's character in the movie.Looks and colours of film were refreshing.Only impressive part of the movie was cinematography. @sreevishnuoffl anna didn't seem to perform that much.

Filmycycle @filmycycle

#ThipparaaMeesam is a stylish crime drama that lacks proper story and treatment. Only last 10 minutes is saving grace for the film. #SreeVishnu and #Rohini are good as their characters Cinematography Music Rest #ShortReview #ThipparaaMeesamReview

Sangeetha devi @Sangeetha_Devi

#ThipparaaMeesam shows yet again how @sreevishnuoffl makes different choices & is emerging as an actor to watch out for. I liked his & #Rohini's performances, but can't say that about the entire film.

Mahesh cult fan base @cultmaheshfan

Thippara meesam what an movie man suspense and emotional movie @sreevishnuoffl nailed his performance nka interval scene peaks anthe and second half twist with emotional ride enjoyed the movie #ThipparaaMeesam enjoy this weekend with this movie