Numerous health tips and sayings that we have been hearing and following since our childhood are completely false! Don't worry, let's explain why and make some fact-checking.  

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Here are some false/misleading health tips that you follow:

1. "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"


You must have heard this innumerable times in your life. But at the time this saying was coined, all the fruits which are round in shape were called apple. No doubt apples are sweet and having them benefit your health, but don't follow the age-old saying by the letter. Do include other fruits as well, in your diet and stay fit!

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2. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day 


This is another wrong belief and the logic behind calling this wrong is quite simple; people need to consume varying amount of water depending on the activities they carry out. Weather also plays a role in this; people living in warmer climate would need more water compared to those living in a colder place.

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3. Sanitisers keep your hand extra clean

Global Handwashing Day

The belief that sanitisers keep your hands extra clean is wrong, it cleans your hands just as much as soap would. So forget the saying that sanitisers keep you extra clean by killing extra germs.

4. Our body requires a minimum of 8 hours of sleep


Similar to the case of how much water one should drink daily, the hours of sleep one needs a day also varies as per the work of each person.  Some people might be fine by sleeping for lesser number of hours and yet feel energised after waking while some people may feel like sleeping for longer hours.