Numerous cultures are followed by different sects and tribes of people, some of them are way too extreme, bizarre and unimaginably spine chilling!

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Here are five strange practices that you should know about:

1. Living with dead bodies

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People belonging to a tribe called Toraja perform a scary ceremony according to which they live with dead bodies for weeks or even years! The corpses are dug out and paraded around the village.

The Toraja people consider people to be alive till a sea buffalo is not sacrificed on their funeral, this helps the deceased move on to the afterlife. Till this sacrifice doesn't take place, the bodies of the deceased are treated as living and kept at their family's home. According to the ritual, they feed the body, clean their bodies and clothes and take care of them.

Watch this video to know more:

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2. Amputation of finger tips to express grief

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An Indonesian tribe named Dani follows the practice of cutting the portion of the women's fingers if a family member dies. The women of this tribe need to express their grief emotionally as well as physically. The philosophy behind doing this is to please the ancestral ghosts.

This ritual is practised occasionally in the tribe, the fingers are first numbed by tying them with strings and once the part of the finger is cut, it is burnt to form a scar tissue.

3. Endocannibalism

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A tribe called Yanomami, which is hails from Amazon rainforest, have a tradition according to which they consume the flesh of people belonging to their own tribe generally after they are dead.

According to this creepy practice, the corpse of the person is first wrapped using leaves and left to insects for eating it. The body is left for around a month or more after which the bones of the person are collected, crushed and added to a banana soup and served to everyone. Around a year later, the people of the tribe consume the ashes of the deceased by adding it in a plantain soup.

As per the belief of this tribe, following this practice confirms the departure of the dead person's soul to heaven.

4. Crucifixion in the Philippines

A bizarre ritual is followed by the Philippines on Good Friday in which they follow the real re-enactment of the Bible which includes the crucifixion of Jesus.

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The ritual tends to get bloody and the Catholic church is against it as they feel this act corrupts the message given by Jesus Christ. 

Check out the video to know more (at your own risk):

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According to this ritual, people whip their backs and bleed, after which they get themselves nailed to crosses. The Philosophy behind this gruesome ritual is to whip their backs until they pour blood then nailing themselves to crosses, these are the Filipino Catholics who perform horrifying rituals to atone for their sins.

5. The Muharram mourning

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The mourning of Muharram is a crucial time for Shia Muslims as it takes place in the first month of the Islamic calendar in the remembrance of Islam.

In this fest, the Shia Muslims whip their bodies using chains embedded with knives and razors attached to them. This is done to pay tribute to the anniversary of Imam Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad who was killed in the Battle of Karbala and a Shia Imam who was killed by the forces of second Umayyad caliph Yazid I.