Mohit Malik is riding high on the success of his shows and how! The actor recently won the Most Promising Actor of the Year award in the television industry. International Business Times got in touch with the actor to talk about winning the award and how much it means to him.

Mohit Malik
Mohit MalikPR

When the competition is so fierce, how does it feel to win the Best Actor award?

Don't want to sound pompous but I think there is no competition for me in the industry. I don't feel any sort of competition. I know where I stand, and where I am at, today. So there is no fierce competition. I am not in the race.

Do you think awards give one a sense of validation?

It all depends on whether or not you are seeking that validation. If you want to take that validation, you can take. If you get an award, take the validation. But, if not, don't run behind it. That's what I do.

What does winning an award mean to you?

Winning an award always is a great feeling. But, when you don't you always tell yourself that your work matters more. One then comprises with it. But, when you get an award it's a great feeling. It is an absolutely overwhelming feeling. You know that your work has been awarded, it has been rewarded. People have seen your work and it is being honoured. It gives you a sense of motivation to work harder and win more. It does give you a high. But, I try not to get too attached to awards.

At a time when so much is said about awards being rigged, how much value do you associate with an award?

As I said, when you get it, you attach value to it. When you don't get an award, you don't keep it high on the pedestal. When I work, my intention is not to bring an award home. My intention is to better myself as an actor and do something creative on that particular day that satisfies me.

And I am always seeking to learn something. So, an award is never the goal for me. It will always remain a by-product. My goal is to better myself as an actor, to work on my craft, to learn more. Awards come and go, I don't attach myself to it.

Lastly, apart from awards, what are the other things that keep you motivated to do better work?

It's very few times, in a year that I feel I need the motivation to do better work. Otherwise, I am very passionate about my work. I know where I stand and how to improve myself, where do I need to work on myself. You keep learning every day. I don't see myself as an actor who has achieved a lot and it is not something that you finish learning. It's a day-to-day thing, you keep on learning about emotions, portrayal, and more. I am quite fond of acting so I don't need any motivation.

But, when I need motivation, great work in cinema gives me great motivation. Watching exemplary actors like late Irrfan Khan gives me motivation. He was my all-time favorite and that's where I would like to head. I think he was the only actor who really knew his job and he was so skilled that he looked so effortless. Good performances keep me motivated.