The universe is expanding at a faster rate than previously calculated
The universe is expanding at a faster rate than previously calculated.NASA, ESA, A. Riess (STScI/JHU)

A new study conducted by theoretical physicist Matt Caplan has suggested the possible time in which the universe will end forever. Even though the end of the universe will not happen anytime soon, Caplan believes that the inevitable doom of the cosmos will happen in the next few trillion years.

Not Giant Bang, But Slow Frizzle

The study report from Caplan is now available in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. According to the study report, stars in the universe will continue to explode during the end days. However, these explosions will not be a giant bang, instead, it will be a slow frizzle. Caplan also made it clear that only dead stars and evaporated black holes will remain in the universe at the end times, and even light will not travel in these conditions.

"It will be a bit of a sad, lonely, cold place. It's known as 'heat death,' where the universe will be mostly black holes and burned-out stars," said Caplan, in a recent statement.

In the statement, Caplan also detailed the way in which this 'slow frizzle' of stars will happen. He also revealed the way in which white stars will become black dwarfs.

"Stars less than about 10 times the mass of the sun do not have the gravity or density to produce iron in their cores the way massive stars do, so they can't explode in a supernova right now. As white dwarfs cool down over the next few trillion years, they'll grow dimmer, eventually, freeze solid, and become 'black dwarf' stars that no longer shine," added Kaplan.

Will World End Happen in Our Lifetime?

Even though space scientists have assured the non-possibility of the world end, at least for the next thousand years due to natural causes, conspiracy theorists believe that humanity is currently going through the end times. According to these conspiracy theorists, there is a rogue planet that has been lurking at the edges of the solar system for hundreds of thousands of years.

Apocalypse believers have named this planet Nibiru, and they believe that this giant is currently headed towards the earth. According to these doomsday mongers, humanity will face an inevitable end when this planet hits the earth in its full fury.