Just like Bollywood offers a variety of entertainment through films, the Indian television industry is also renowned for giving the audience plenty of shows to binge-watch. And this has been the trend for a long time. One such iconic television show that is still very popular is Aatish Kapadia's 'Khichdi'.

Khichdi Serial
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Since TV channels nowadays have been telecasting all cult classics like Ramayan, Shaktimaan, Mahabharat and many more, one of the family entertainers of the past 'Khichdi' too, has made waves across India and is ruling the small screens with its outstanding comedy genre, once again. The serial got so successful that Farah Khan even made a movie on it.

All the characters from the serial namely, Hansa ben, Praful, Himanshu, Baapu Ji and Jayshree were all epic entertainers were the main highlights of the high rated TRP of Khichdi. Whenever we think of them a smile automatically touches our lips and spreads a warm glow on our faces.

So today, remembering the crazy family we went looking for our favourite characters and how they look right now.

Anang Desai as Bapu Ji

Anang Desai
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Anang Desai who played the role of Tulsi Parekh (Bapu Ji) in Khichdi was one of the funniest characters of the family. Although he was smarter among all the family members, still the 66-year
-old was bullied by his son Praful and daughter-in-law Hansa.

However, Bapu Ji was always rescued by his eldest bahu Jayshree. Anang Desai was last seen in the movie 'Rustom' playing a character of a judge, he will next be featuring the movie 'Jersey'.

Supriya Pathak as Hansa Ben

Supriya Pathak
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The most bubbly and loved character from the serial was Hansa Ben which was played by Supriya Pathak. The actress just nailed the role as it was one of the top characters of that time which will be always remembered.

Hansa ben's character was always seen well dressed with a gajra in her hair. Even though she could not speak English, Hansa always tried to speak it and yet failed every time and her efforts to talk in English made everyone go crazy for her. Supriya Pathak was last seen in the movie 'Jai Mummy Di' and will next be featuring in the movie 'Mimi' starring Kriti Sanon.

Rajeev Mehta as Praful Parekh

Rajeev Mehta
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Rajeev Mehta featured as Praful Parekh was the heart of the show. His acting was on the point and his famous dialogue 'Hansa! Main Hoon Na' was one of the funniest dialogues from the show, moreover, his explanation of things in his own manner was a hit. He was last seen in Sab tv's show 'Khidki' and has also done some Gujrati movies.

Vandana Pathak as Jayshree

Vandana Pathak
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The chalak-chatur Jayshree's role was played by Vandana Pathak. Widowed daughter-in-law of Tulsidas, Jayshree was another crazy character in the family. However, she was very clever amongst all. Her aim of life was to sell Mohan Niwas and live in an independent apartment. Even though she used to irritate Babuji while serving tea still, Jayshree was his favourite. Vandana was last seen in 'Saath Nibhana Saathiya' on Star Plus as Gaura Suryavanshi.

Jamnadas Majethia as Himanshu

Jamnadas Majethia
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Another crazy character from the Parekh family was Hansa Ben's young brother Himanshu which was enacted by Jamnadas Majethia .' Kisi Ko Pata Nahi Chalega' was his signature dialogue in the show and his love for cooking was to another level. The actor/producer has done a few TV shows and produced some. He was last seen in Khidki as a host.