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Travelling may sound really exciting but it also depends on the country and its openness to greet visitors that make a vacation even more amazing. In World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 ranked 136 countries on 14 pillars and gave an all-around picture of the best destinations for tourists in the world.

So, we bring to you 10 countries with the best tourist service infrastructure to visit in 2017, according to World Economic Forum's definitive ranking:


The most travel-friendly country in the world is Austria. Reportedly, it has got the highest scores on almost all parameters. They have all seven major car rental companies, the country ranks third for quality of tourism infrastructure and ranks fifth for the number of hotel rooms per capita.

World Tourism Day 2016
A couple hikes during sunrise on Kreuzjoch mountain in the Zillertal Alps in Schwendau, Austria.Reuters


Globally, Spain ranks second as far as tourist service is concerned. The country ranks fourth for the quality of tourism infrastructure and for number of hotel rooms per capita, it ranks ninth. Overall, in Travel and Tourism Competitiveness, Spain ranks first and obviously an excellent place for vacation.

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Castellers de Vilafranca start to form a human tower called castell during a biannual competition in Tarragona city, Spain.Reuters

United States

The third most friendly-country for tourists is the United States. The quality of tourism infrastructure ranks fifth globally. The availability of ATMs per adult is also high and definitely a great place for tourists.


In almost all categories, Portugal ranks highly from tourist service category to the quality of tourism infrastructure. They also have good scores in Travel and Tourism Competitiveness categories that include safety and security as well as international openness that makes the country a comfortable place to visit.


Croatia ranks fifth when it comes to tourist service. It has plenty of hotel rooms and ATMs per capita. It has high scores in natural resources and environmental sustainability. However, it ranks as low as 65 when it comes to quality of infrastructure.



Switzerland takes the sixth place and its ranks in the top 20 for all the indicators. The European nation also does well in the other Travel and Tourism Competitiveness categories, including safety and security, environmental sustainability and business environment.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom ranks in the top 25 for all indicators. It scored highly in all categories, from the number of ATMs to the quality of their infrastructure for tourists.


At the eighth place is Australia with high scores in all the categories. The country has great natural resources as well as business travel offerings. It is also doing well as far as tourist service infrastructure is concerned.

Australian canola field
A canola field is seen near a new housing estate in outer Melbourne in this 2010 file photo. REUTERS/Mick Tsikas


Germany is ninth in the list of the most tourist-friendly countries. It has all seven major car rental companies present. When it comes to overall ranking, it ranks third in all-around tourist destinations and has great scores in cultural and business resources.


Canada ranks tenth and has the second-highest number of ATMs per capita globally. However, they are the only country in the top 10 list that does not to offer all seven major car rental companies.