The theatrical trailer of Telugu movie, "Temper", has garnered mixed reviews from the viewers. Many Junior NTR fans have expressed their disappointment at director Puri Jagannath for using routine stuff in this most-awaited movie.

The makers of "Temper" released its theatrical trailer at the grand audio launch of the movie, held at the Shilpakala Veidhike in Hyderabad on 28 January. The 1.56-minute video does not provide much detail about the story, but it certainly shows that the movie has been made in Puri Jagannath's repetitive style.

The trailer of "Temper" opens with a punch dialogue by Junior NTR. He says his name is "Daya" and he is the Sub-Inspector of Police. He is a criminal-minded person who is extremely cunning. It heads to introduce the chemistry between Junior NTR and Kajal Aggarwal. Then, it throws light on the action scenes.

The trailer hints that the storyline of "Temper" is a usual one and it will mostly show Junior NTR's heroism. The young tiger appears as a handsome hunk and his new stylish look, body language, expressions, dialogue diction will be the highlights of the film.

"Temper" is high on the action quotient. Well-choreographed action scenes and amazing chemistry between NTR and Kajal will also woo the fans. As per the video, Anup Rubens' songs, Mani Sharma's background score, the beautiful locations of Goa and fantastic camera work are among the major attractions of the film.

But the trailer does not offer any hint on whether there are any comic scenes in the film. Overall, "Temper" is going to be Puri Jagannath's regular masala entertainer sans a fresh and unique storyline.

The trailer has been viewed more than 2.5 lakh times in less than 12 hours of its release on YouTube. It has garnered 3,000 thumbs up, 250 thumbs down and more than 250 comments. Viewers are impressed with the making of the film, but they are upset about its routine subject.

Here are some unique comments of viewers, who have slammed Puri Jagannath:

Arjun M

LOL...And another routine Telugu mass masala stuff from tollywood.. donno when these guys gonna make a quality movie.. same intro,same love story,same villain,same fights,same songs .. Ain't you people fucked up watching this same shit over and over again... ? :/


Legendary in characterizing hero and penning dialogues in a satirical way .puri garu /| eye feast for puri & jr N.T.R fans..

Revanth Sagar

Puris characterization and NTR dialogue delivery :) . Even though its totally routine, u stil want to watch it for the dialogue delivery style.

Ch Babji

Fights seems like "iddarammyilatho" movie...dialogues are fresh...his energy is as usually very fresh...bonus six pack...hot kajal..waiting to see...but as movie lover i want a complete new joner filim..


PURI gona disappoint again ... NTRrrrrrrr better opted another project Another MASS MASTI CHARACTERISATION sans story, from PURI

Subramanyam Raju

Trailer seems nothing new, I hope movie will be good and i wish NTR and Puri will get blockbuster..

Bhanu Akula

I felt it is a routine movie or old movie trailer,please make new movies with an idea based

Ram Santhosh

Its a Mixed a Corrupted Movie..like Dialogues,way of delivery and way of act..already we Have seen in Business Man! there is no new in this movie simply I Can say Business Man-2,kindly Encourage New Creative!!


Neninthe Version For NTR. Looks Great Different From Puri This will Surely Rock By The Way The Starting Dialog is Marvelous Thumbs Up if U Agree

Varakavi Vidyadhar Raju

I wish NTR and Puri sir will get blockbuster.. Trailer seems nothing new but can't predict the movie with trailer all the best #WaitingForTemper

Siva Krishna

Good one :) may be i disappointed because i expected too much because i'm tarak hardcore fan

Viswas Kumar

Same Old Shit!! try to make something new!! seems like watching Business man (this time hero is a police) again!! thats it


Nothing new in the trailer, same old puri jaganadh stufff, the villians are recycle from "pokiri".

Srinivas Sharma

Some people are commenting that Same regular movie..Many people lives are dependent on films.. They will work hard but sometimes they will make experiments but not everytime.Because experiments always will not succeed...I donno what you people think about Films.....Films are there to entertain people not to teach us lessons... If you want something new search in internet and new concepts doesn't deliver a sure Hit...What is the result of 1Nenokkadine 43 crores loss to the makers...