Ram Gopal Varma has hailed South films for their content and warned Bollywood of making remakes. On a Twitter rant, RGV spoke about the fate of Shahid Kapoor's Jersey and how the era of remakes is over.

He also praised RRR, KGF 2, Pushpa for their pan India success. Using the hashtag #deathofremakes, Varma also weighed in on the debate between Kichcha Sudeep and Ajay Devgn.

Ram gopal Varma
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Ram Gopal Varma's take on remakes

"The DISASTROUS fate of JERSEY film in Hindi signals the DEATH of REMAKES for the simple reason it has been proved multiple times that dubbed films like #Pushpa #RRR #KGF2 are doing far better than originals ,if the content is good #DeathOfRemakes," he wrote. RGV then added, "If Nani 's original JERSEY from Telugu was dubbed and released it would have costed the producers just 10 lakhs whereas the remake in Hindi costed 100 cr resulting in losing enoromous money ,time, effort and face #DeathOfRemakes."

Not in a mood to stop there, he went on to say, "After the monstrous successes of dubbed films like #Pushpa , #RRR and #KGF2 , no south film with good content will be sold for remake rights as even both the content and regional stars are being liked by the Hindi audiences #DeathOfRemakes."

"Bollywood will be now getting ducked from both front and back as they neither seem to know how to make superhits nor can they hope to survive on remaking south films because nobody will sell them REMAKE rights #DeathOfRemakes," Varma further tweeted.

Jersey vs KGF 2 vs Beast
Jersey release postponed.PR Handout

Wants Bollywood to come up with vaccine

He concluded by saying, "Moral of the story is it's smart to release dubbed films instead of remaking them because it's obvious that the audiences are ok with any face or any subject from anywhere as long as it interests them #DeathOfRemakes. TELUGU and KANNADA films have INFECTED Hindi films like a COVID VIRUS..Hoping that BOLLYWOOD will soon come up with a VACCINE."