Kolkata crime
The horrifying incident has sent shockwaves through Kolkata.Reuters | Representational

In Telangana, 4 dead bodies were discovered of a family in Ravalli Mandal of Wanaparthy on Friday. Curiously, the 4 members were found lying in different parts of the house. The deaths caused panic among the locals due to the strange circumstances.

Moreover, some lemons, coconuts, and incense sticks were found in the house which pointed towards some kind of black magic. However, police have primarily observed it as family suicide.

Mystery death of family in Telangana

Deaths and superstition go hand in hand, in one such mystery case cops are now trying to dig into what went on in the household in Telangana. Four members of a family in Wanaparthy, Telangana were found dead in their home, however, all four were found in different parts of the house. 63-year-old Ajmeera Bee, Asma Begum her daughter aged 35, son-in-law Khawaja Pasha aged 42 and her grandaughter Haseena aged 10, according to reports. 

The police observed frothing on all the bodies, and have begun with the possibility that it might be a family suicide case. When nobody came out of the house, at 7 am the locals tried entering the house and reported the incident to authorities.

Black magic
Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

Haseena was found in the hall, Ajmeera in the kitchen, Asma in the hall and Khawaja at the back of the house. The packet of lemans was uncovered next to the body in a one-foot deep pit. The district SP spoke to The News Minute, saying that no external injuries or marks of resistance were found. It may also have been that the family consumed poison. 

The relatives also told the police that Khawaja had a habit of digging for treasure. An investigation into the matter is still on.