Cop rescues dog
Cop rescues dogIBT Creative

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear a badge. A Telangana cop went out of his way to save a dog stuck across the river bank in the bushes. A Nagarkurnool police station home guard's heroic actions caught on tape have since gone viral and getting a lot of praise from people.

A dog had slipped and fallen into one of the river streams in the outskirts of Nagarkurnool town, which was overflowing due to the continuous rains in the recent days. The dog caught a branch and managed to get to the other side of the river and had no where to go. It was stuck there, crying for help when the cop was summoned to the rescue.

Cop to rescue

A passerby alerted Mujeeb, the Telangana cop, who then rushed to the spot. Despite several attempts to rescue the dog, Mujeeb couldn't cross the heavy-flowing streams. Then, he had the idea to use a JCB earth-moving vehicle as a make-shift bridge. And voila.

The viral video shows Mujeeb making several efforts to pull the dog out of the bushes, where the animal is stuck and clearly in fear. As soon as the cop brings the dog out of the bushes, it immediately latches on to his new human friend. Mujeeb then safely got back on the JCB's lever and saved a dog's life in the process.