Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift: ‘I am Convulsively Sobbing and Can't Stop’.Reuters

American pop singer Taylor Swift has made her Twitter followers panic over a recent tweet through which the "Shake It Off" singer asked help from her fan, Gena Gabrielle.

"HELP @GenaGabrielle I AM CONVULSIVELY SOBBING AND CAN'T STOP," read the post on Swift's official Twitter page.

Gabrielle can be called as one of the luckiest fans of the "1989" singer ever since she got a chance to enjoy her pre-wedding celebration with Swift.

Earlier this year, the 24-year-old surprised her hard-core fan by attending the bridal shower and from that day they are good friends.

Through her recent tweet along with a video portraying the life of Gabrielle and her husband Bryan over the last six months, Swift expressed her love for the super fan. However, the post, which appeared on 30 November, increased the curiosity of her Twitter followers. 

Swift's followers were eager to know the reasons for her disturbance and some of their tweets read, "OH MY GOD".

Meanwhile, Gabrielle was grateful to the pop singer and wrote a series of tweets on her celebrity icon Swift:

I just woke up and realized Taylor has caught up on the last 6 months of my life since I've seen her and now I'm sobbing.

Wait my tumblr isn't my twitter- @taylorswift13 how long have you been creepin on my twitter....I see you LURKIN.

While I have everyone's attention- please help get this to Taylor. Her sweet little Khloe needs her right now.

Why are you up? Are you afraid to sleep and miss a tweet? Are you afraid T will ask for your help again' - my mom.

I hope I get a Taylor accessory- specifically Taylor's old choker necklace.

What if you order something as simple as a phone case- don't pay to ship it- and the box contains something worn by Taylor. I can't function.