Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris relationship is back in the news and this time around, the focus is on the "Wildest Dreams" singer's ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal. Though both the musicians have strictly warned against publishing things about their personal life, it doesn't look like rumours have stopped haunting their relationship.

Be it rumours about break-up, wedding or baby plans, the web is filled with stories revolving around the singer and the DJ's relationship. A few months ago, there was a huge buzz that DJ Calvin Harris may be cheating on Taylor Swift and Tay had been confronting him about the same. But this time around, the reports suggest that it's the "Bad Blood" singer who is secretly calling and reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal behind Cal's back.

Now, we all know that Taylor Swift has penned various songs about her break-ups and past relationships, especially with Harry Styles and Jake. But, if a report in OK! is to be believed, then it looks like Tay may have forgiven and is back on speaking terms with Jake, with whom she broke up in 2011.

"In June, Jake ran into Cara Delevingne at "The Graham Norton Show" and asked for Taylor's new number. He said he owed Taylor an apology for how things ended between them," a source told.

Apparently, the singer was happy that her ex reached out to her and is reportedly, secretly calling him up regularly behind Calvin Harris' back. "They've kept in touch, albeit secretly, ever since," the source added.

The report also stated that Jake dropped a hint that he wanted a second chance.

But, a source close to Taylor has rubbished this report while talking to Hollywood Life. The source has said that Taylor is true to Calvin Harris and that there's nothing romantic going on between her and Jake.

"That is complete nonsense of her being in contact with Jake. She is devoted to Calvin and her career which are both going strong. She is not seeking anything from past boyfriends at all. She doesn't talk to Jake," the source said.

Now, is it possible that amidst rumours of a troubled relationship with DJ Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift may be considering giving Jake Gyllenhaal a second chance? Well, only time will tell.