Nayanthara has launched her skincare brand. After her smashing Bollywood debut in Jawan, the south superstar has launched her skincare line. Nayanthara made the announcement 9 Skin launch on social media. She looked resplendent as she shared the poster. She revealed that it took her and the team six years to come up with this.

Nayanthara launches skincare brand
Nayanthara launches skincare brandInstagram

Nayanthara's post

"Today, we are extremely thrilled to reveal six years of relentless effort and love. We've poured our hearts into curating products that are as unique as you are, with formulas that are backed by nature & modern science with nano technology and designed to elevate your self-care routine. Join us on this self love journey and say hello to healthier, glowing skin! We introduce @9SKINOfficial. The labor of Self love you deserve is now brewing to be discovered. Because we believe Self love is all we need," she wrote.


A Reddit user started the discussion on Nayanthara's skincare line and soon comments started to pouring in. One person called it "tax saving scheme" and another called it "very similar to Deepika's". "I don't think this is a passion project...must be a tax saving scheme. This applies to DP and kriti's brands too. Dp seemed like she had no knowledge of her own products and the formulation of kriti's brand (atleast on the label) was pointed out to be wrong," wrote a user. "Every actress is launching a skin care company every day. Isn't this 3rd or 4th actress launching a skin care brand this year?" another user wrote.

Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi
Nayanthara, Vijay SethupathiInstagram

"Instead of this, doctor ka naam batado aur discount dedo," a reddit user wrote. "Remember when Alia, Shraddha, Pari, all were singing songs in their films 10 years ago. Now its cosmetics brands. These people have a herd mentality," another Reddit user commented. "Six years of effort. ok. and in what role ms nayanthara helped in this. this is what i am mostly curious about," one more of the comments read.

Nayanthara is winning rave reviews for her role in Jawan. The actress reportedly charged Rs 11 crore to come onboard.