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The nation woke up to the shocking news of Vinta Nanda recounting the details of the horrific night, when Alok Nath had allegedly raped her. The screenwriter of the 90s popular show – Tara – in a long FB post wrote about how the veteran actor had abused her.

Vinta Nanda alleged that a top star of 'Tara' serial had raped, hinting towards Alok Nath. Even though she didn't take his name directly, it has been reported that she confirmed the name to IANS through a message stating that she thought, "sanskaari would do the needful."

In the same post, without taking names, Nanda has alleged that Alok Nath was after the lead actress of the show – Navneet Nishan. She also alleged that he used to harass her lead actress, and even felt her up on the day of the last shoot between them. In an interview in 1994, Navneet had alleged that Alok Nath was an alcoholic. She had even filed a  Rs 1 crore defamation complaint against him for calling her a "drug user."

In an interview with the Movie magazine, Navneet had said, "It's taken me 8 years to get where I am and I don't want some alcoholic fool to mess it up for me." She had even added that she got into a fight with Alok's wife, who was working as a costume producer on that show over her allegations.

Navneet used to play the character of Tara in the show, who was in love with a married man, played by Alok Nath. The differences between the two grew so much that the characters were ended and their next generation was introduced.

We tried reaching out to Alok Nath but didn't receive any response.