Over 600 mobile phone towers in Tamil Nadu have mysteriously vanished since the Covid-19 pandemic started in 2020, in a rare, terrible and astonishing phenomenon. The mobile phone towers were reported to have been taken by GTL Infrastructure Limited, despite the fact that they had not been monitored since 2017.

Due to significant losses, the private tower service company discontinued operations in 2018. According to News 18, the nation's mobile phone towers' network service has completely stopped.

TRAI does not issue NOC for mobile tower installation
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The company was unable to visit the tower site to perform monitoring and maintenance work throughout the Covid-19 period because of this. The officials were astonished to find that a mobile tower in the Erode district had gone missing when they went to investigate the status of mobile phone towers that weren't working for other network purposes.

The company claims that the enigmatic group stole its cell phone towers by exploiting the Covid-19 shutdown. According to the business that installed the mobile phone towers, a complaint was made as a result and a case was opened at the police station in the neighbourhood where the tower was situated.

Tamil Nadu Police
Tamil Nadu Police

Police investigation into the issue

Meanwhile, 600 of the company's mobile phone towers went missing, according to a police probe. The mobile phone tower installation company, GTL Infrastructure Limited, has its corporate office in Mumbai and a regional office in Chennai's Purasavakkam.

In India, the business has installed and is in charge of 26,000 mobile phone towers. More than 6,000 mobile phone towers have been installed and are being maintained in Tamil Nadu alone.