Kanika Namakkal
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When one gets a call from the Prime Minister of India, they know they've done something incredible. For many, that's a dream and for a small district of Namakkal, it's an achievement. A girl from Namakkal named Kanika received an opportunity to chat with Prime Minister Modi in today's session of Mann Ki Baat.

Kanika received a call from the Prime Minister because she achieved a score of 490 on her Board exams. 

Mann Ki Baat Episode 67 features Kanika from Namakkal:

NN Kanika from Tamil Nadu's Namakkal is the daughter of a Heavyweight vehicle driver S K Natarajan. Namakkal is located near Trichy famous for its Anjaneyar Temple. She has earned 490 marks out of 500 in her board exams. 

The girl who received 98% overall received a call on Sunday during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat session, on episode 67. He introduced the session with her by saying, "Let's go straight to the South to Tamil Nadu, from Namakkal let's talk to daughter Kanika and her story is very inspirational."

He welcomed her and asked her how she's doing. Narendra Modi congratulated her on her achievement in the board exams. He told her, "When I think of Namakkal I think of the Anjaneyar temple, now I will also remember my interaction with you." The Prime Minister asked her how her preparation for the exams went and Kanika humbly replied, "Sir, I was working very hard from the start, I didn't expect this result but I have written well so I get a good result."

Mann ki Baat

When asked what her expectations had been she said, "485 or 486 like that I thought so..." The girl, however, received 490 exceeding all expectations, she also described her parents' and teacher's reaction, "They were so happy and they were so proud, sir." She told the Prime Minister that her favourite subject in Maths and, "I am going to become a doctor, if possible in AFMC, sir."

She revealed that her father is a driver, but her sister is pursuing her MBBS degree. Prime Minister Modi was very impressed with her father's dedication to both the daughters' education, "First of all, I offer my salute to your father who is taking lot of care of your sister and yourself. It is a great service he is doing. And he is an inspiration for all." 

It'll be exciting to see Kanika break more glass ceilings in the coming future.