The US might have ended its 20-year war with the Taliban by withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, but the war within the country is far from over. As Taliban took over Kabul and declared the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan two weeks ago, the Islamist radical outfit has tried to establish dialogue with foreign nations while the people of the country made several attempts, only some successful, to flee the country. Ignoring the chaos in Afghanistan, Taliban is holding parades and celebrating its "victory" in the country.

A video fo Taliban's military parade broadcasted on Afghan National Television grabbed global attention. For countries, military parades are a way to show their might and weapon arsenal, which can be used in defense against enemies. It's usually tanks, rockets, missiles and more. But Taliban brazenly displayed its weapons of choice at the parade, which proves its liking towards sly methods without consideration for innocent civilian lives.

Taliban military parade

The Taliban Parade

The military parade was aired on Afghan National Television. There were many shocking elements that are enough to leave viewers with conscience disturbed. The video showed suicide bombers carrying the Taliban flag as they are being referred to as "martyrdom-seekers squadron."

The parade shamelessly displayed suicide vests, explosives, guns, rockets, mines, car bombs and yellow barrels. The video said these were the weapons it used "against invaders and their puppets in defence of independence and dear country." It even referred to yellow barrels, car bombs and suicide vests.


The video of the parade was met with heavy criticism on social media, with many users calling out the actual use of the weapons to kill thousands of Afghan civilians, including women and children, in the last 20 years. Afghan activist Omaid H. Sharifi reacted to the video by recalling how the equipment reminded him of the dear ones he lost.

Taliban military parade

On one hand, Taliban claims to have changed its way and methods and advocates for peace but on the other, it does things like parading the disturbing weapons and lauding the terrorists who carried out attacks in the name of martyrdom.