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The verbal war between Taapsee Pannu and Kangana Ranaut is intensified with the former openly attacking the latter, saying that there is no actor such as "Chota mota" actor and a film is a team effort.

Taapsee Pannu has engaged in a war of words with Kangana Ranaut for quite some time now, but she never directly attacked the latter. In a recent interview, Kangana Ranaut called Taapsee, Richa Chadha and Swara Bhaskar B-grade actors, which left her red-faced and made her come out in public to attack her.

In a bid to hit back at Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu responded to the supporters and haters of the Manikarnika actress, who shared the video of bites of her past interviews. Taapsee termed Kangana as a bully and she is confused about the nepotism, as she herself is involved in it.

RJ Stutee Ghosh tweeted, "This isn't the first time that #Kangana has attacked @taapsee. Makes one wonder darr kis baat ka hai? If you stand for merit, talent& feminism shouldn't you ideally be making #taapsee your ally rather than keep making disparaging comments about her? Makes no sense really!"

Responding to her, Taapsee Pannu said that the answer to her question is known to everyone. The actress replied, "Everyone knows the answer to this question. EVERYONE. Some have the guts to face it, so don't :) n let's leave it at that."

Anku Pande Chibb (@ankupande) tweeted, "My personal opinion-her language & her attacks exposed her intention & also revealed that she is no less a bully than those she accuses bullying. No different. Thank God @taapsee & @ReallySwara are v confident women imagine someone newer n not so sure of themselves."

'Let's have our heart and mind in the right place': Taapsee Pannu

In reply to her, Taapsee Pannu went on to call Kangana a bully. She wrote, "Thank you for understanding that. I want to make sure every newcomer understands n sees a clear difference between someone who is pure bully n someone who genuinely wants to protect their interest. Let's have our heart and mind in the right place."

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Joy (@Joydas) tweeted, "Kangana: Alia made fun of fellow actor Sushant Singh Rajput in Karan Johar's show on National TV. How would he have felt watching it? Also Kangana on National TV: Swara and Taapsee are B Grade Actors."

Taapsee Pannu replied, "I guess the answer is given loud n clear, on how exactly it feels. Reactions might differ person to person but harassment is harassment n should be treated in the same light."

Taapsee Pannu added, "Hi @RichaChadha @ReallySwara someone is really concerned about our bills n our EMIs. Such a kind compassionate industry. So much respect for our 'B grade' struggle.

Journalist Meena Das Narayan mocked Taapsee Pannu for her poor acting skills. She tweeted, "Sorry dear...we had to suffer your wooden #AliaBhatt like action in 'thapad' and another movie with big b as a lawyer ...you will remain b grade till u learn acting from @KanganaTeam ..u r taking the support of more 'c'grade actors."

Responding to Meena, Taapsee Pannu said that comparing her to Alia Bhatt is a compliment for her. The actress tweeted, "Wow! That's a compliment. If I could match Alia's action I think I did well. And if we come for further classes do we just stick to acting or we have to learn the compassion also?"

A Kangana fan - Arzi (@singhr07) trolled Swara and Taapsee, saying, "#NationStandsWithKangana Chaploos outsiders ko kabhi koi problem nhi hai, Parallel cinema is there because of her but look at @ReallySwara @taapsee chillar log."

Taapsee Pannu responded, "Now I'm getting confused. So is my existence coz of nepotism as mentioned earlier by her or coz of her. I need clarity coz I wanna be clear who I am grateful to ‍♀️ " a needy outsider wants to know !"

A Twitterati with the handle @Indiansnowwoman wrote, "Now everyone is praising #KanganaRanaut for calling out nepotism, I want to show this video to them and ask what is the difference between her and Kjo? If it was her prerogative as a director to cut roles of co-stars, why kjo is blamed for his decisions? Courtesy: Republic Bharat"

Hitting back at Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu replied and said that there is no such thing as a small actor. The wrote, "There is no film as "solo" film, there is no actor such as "chota mota" actor. A film is a TEAM effort including all departments, all actors. The protagonist in NOTHING without the support of the 'supporting' cast. Respect is EARNED not COMMANDED."