Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is known for being outspoken and calling a spade a spade but this time her fiery attitude rather backfired after the actress got into a squabble with the paparazzi.

It so happened that the paparazzi were waiting to click the actress for quite a few hours but probably due to some miscommunication, Taapsee did not turn up at the given time and was pretty late to the event.

The paparazzi apparently lost their patience and cool after waiting for all those long hours. When the actress turned up for the promotional event for her upcoming film Dobaaraa at a college in Mumbai, she was called out by the paparazzi for coming in so late.

Soon after arriving at the venue, the paparazzi initially asked her to wait and pose for the camera but the actress refused to do so. The paparazzi who could no longer deal with the 'tantrums' burst out in annoyance.

taapsee pannu gets into a heated argument with the paparazzi

A pap was heard saying, "Hum bhi aapke liye hi khade hain woh bhi 4:30 baje se bulaya hain,(We have also been waiting for you since 4:30 PM.)" The actress in her defense stated that she has arrived at the time that was given to her and had no clue of the paparazzi been waiting for long. She also expressed her dismay towards the tone of the pap.

The pap who was in no mood to take it from Taapsee said that they had been waiting for hours. Taapsee retaliated and asked the paparazzi to tone down and be a little polite. She also tried justifying herself and said that she was only following what was told to her.

Pannu also stated that she hadn't invited the media so early and hence had no clue why the paparazzi was blasting at her. She also sternly told the pap that only if they talk to her politely, will she also maintain the same tone.

When the pap argued and said that they were polite to her initially, Taapsee refuted their claims and said, "The camera is on me. If the camera turns on you, then you will understand the way in which you are talking to me."

After some more exchange of words, Taapsee giving up folded her hands and said, "You (paparazzi) are always right, and actors are always at fault."

No sooner than the video went viral, the internet was divided into two parts. While a few came out in support of the actress, a lot many were seen calling her out for her utter rudeness.

taapsee pannu gets into a heated argument with the paparazzi

Taapsee Pannu was accompanied by her Thappad co-star Pavail Gulati at the event who visibly looked uncomfortable during the entire fiasco and tried to pacify Pannu but in vain.

According to close sources, the paparazzi was annoyed with Taapsee not only because she came in late but also for inviting the paparazzi and then refusing to get clicked at the very last minute.

The sources also reveal that a similar incident took place a few days ago when the actress refused to get clicked despite calling the paps.

Taapsee yet again refusing to get clicked at the event despite inviting paps, seems to have acted as the final nail in the coffin for the media who lost their calm on the actress.