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Ever since Rangoli Chandel had called Taapsee Pannu a 'sasti copy' of her sister Kangana Ranaut, the Mission Mangal actress has been on a 'mission' to show the Ranaut sisters where they stand. We have seen Kangana taking on Bollywood celebrities for not praising her and her movies and not celebrating the women power in the industry. So when Kangana missed out on praising any of the Mission Mangal actresses for their performances, Taapsee, in a way, exposed Kangana's hypocrisy in her recent interview. And needless to say, Rangoli took offense of it.

Slamming Kangana for her double standards, Taapsee told Mid-Day, "She has always spoken about how a woman should support another woman, but I did not hear any words of praise for my films. There are five women in Mission Mangal. Is she praising us? I am her junior and don't have [as vast] a filmography as her, but I have done a decent number of films for someone to be appreciative of it."

Also calling out Kangana for being a feminist of convenience, the actress further said, "If I meet her, I will graciously walk up and say hello to her, or even her sister. It was triggered because I said she needs a double filter. Even Anurag [Kashyap] and I need that. How is that a negative thing? I saw her as an honest person. It's sad that she says a woman cannot call out another woman. I will call out people basis who is wrong and right, and not based on what gender they belong to. Feminism is about an equal platform."

Many people would agree with Taapsee's point of view and may find her complain fair and reasonable and she has every right to disagree with anyone. But it seems like Rangoli doesn't believe in someone's freedom to express especially when it is about her and her sister Kangana.

Disrespecting Taapsee and her belittling her achievements in Bollywood, Rangoli stooped to a new low while launching a scathing attack on Taapsee yet again. She also openly challenged Taapsee to respond to her on Twitter right here, right now, instead of talking to the media about it.

"Yeh Madam is attacking Kangana everyday,arrey bhai tune kya kiya hai for what we should praise you? 2 mins role in a film lead by Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan. Or playing character roles in Big B films or carrying same confused expression through all your film..

"kaun sa praise?? Making nasty remarks about a great artist isn't enough what is there to your credit, you arnt a kid you are also 32 years Kangana's age, what have you achieved for what we should praise you??...

"Look at all your interviews only one thing they call you for is to discuss Kangana Ranaut, don't ask you any other question, show me one question which is about your work or achievements?

"Don't run to the media answer me here, please I am asking openly please respond openly not slyly," Rangoli Chandel said in a series of tweets, which again proved Taapsee right about her views on the Ranaut sisters. 

And it looks like Taapsee has decided not to indulge with Rangoli in the mudslinging and give Kangana's sister any importance.