Esha Gupta
Esha Gupta hits back at trollsInstagram

Be it voicing your opinion, your outfits or the way you look, Bollywood celebrities are always trolled. This time it's Esha Gupta. Well, it's not the first time she is being trolled but her on point reply shutting these 'faceless cowards' is winning everyone's hearts.

It all started with Esha Gupta tweeting about the ongoing Syrian civil war on Twitter. With a heart wrenching picture, Baadshaho actress tweeted: "I don't care which country or religion or government I have, humanity is dying. The children are dying and it needs to stop,now #SyriaIsBleeding [sic]"

And within minutes, she was trolled. Users posted, "Wha madam. Kbhi india ke liye bi bola  roz humare soldiers marte h.kuch kha h apna.aayi bdi"

While the other said, "Why don't you go to Syria and help them as much as you can? Sitting in the ac room and giving lecture is much easy, if I were you, I would go there and help them."

And some said, "Its easier said than done dude... Atleast she is raising her voice and considering celeb status people share the same feelings and raise voice... What r u gonna do in Syria and how will u save lives..."

And on Tuesday morning, she gave back to the trolls. She wrote, "Your dumbness is profound, there is a difference when you are KILLING them. That's the problem with you trollers, good for nothing, even in Humanity you see borders. Even for children you see religion. This is what is called the dark age. #HumanRightsDiedInSyria #PrayForSyria"

According to IANS report, because of continued air strikes by Syrian government forces, around 510 people, including 127 minors were killed in wee long attacks on Eastern Ghouta.

Even actor Jaaved Jaafri wrote on Twitter, "Shakes me up completely to see the destruction of lives in Syria and Yemen. Warmongers keep feeding these wars for their profits n most of the media gives misleading information. Social media passes messages around with utterly wrong n confusing messages. God help the victims."