Alleged UFO that appeared in a Yorkshire airportTwitter/ The Alchemist, Andrew Pollard

Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that UFO sightings that happen all across the world are concrete evidence of alien existence on Earth. Adding up the heat to this seemingly unbelievable theory, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists have apparently spotted an unidentified flying object zooming by a landing airplane at Doncaster-Sheffield Airport, in Yorkshire.

Alien UFO or bird?

The video of the bizarre event was originally shared to Twitter by a user named The Alchemist, and in the tweet, the uploader revealed that the sighting was captured on camera by a man named Andrew Pollard.

The video soon went viral among alien enthusiasts, and they started claiming that extraterrestrials have visited Northern England. In the video, the object appears very small, but conspiracy theorists claim that it has roughly the size of a car.

However, skeptics revealed that the bizarre object spotted on camera could be most probably a bird flying at very high speed across the skies.

Waring analyzed UFO video

Later, this video apparently shot on August 21, was analyzed by self-styled UFO hunter Scott C Waring who is currently operating from Taiwan. In his recent website post, Waring claimed that aliens have visited England to gather data.

"This UFO came so close I'm surprised it didn't collide with the jet. These things or so highly skilled they can make such mauves as this...its just insane! That UFO came with less than a meter of the jet with hundreds of passengers on it. Sounds like aliens care more about data they gather than human lives," wrote Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily.

Waring also criticized the technology used in airports to detect unknown objects that could pose a threat to airplanes that might be landing or taking off.

"This object is huge, about the size of a car and yet the control tower and airport workers had no idea it was even there. It goes to show you how ancient our radar technology really is," added Waring.