Devendra Fadnavis' wife Amruta and Renuka Shahane
Devendra Fadnavis' wife Amruta and Renuka ShahaneSocial media

Renuka Shahane has slammed Devendra Fadnavis' wife Amruta for politicising Sushant's case and questioned her silence over Elphinstone Bridge collapse, which had claimed many lives during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

Amruta Fadnavis took to her Twitter account on August 3 to talk about the case of Sushant's death. She said that Mumbai is not safe to live. The ex-CM's wife wrote, "The manner in which #SushantSinghRajputDeathCase is being handled - I feel #Mumbai has lost humanity & is no more safe to live - for innocent, self respecting citizens #JusticeforSushantSingRajput #JusticeForDishaSalian."

Renuka Shahane was upset with Amruta Fadnavis' claim on Mumbai and hit back saying, "@fadnavis_amruta this is really unfair to a city that feeds & homes millions. However tattered the roof or blanket, Mumbai gives residents a reason to hope, dream & smile even without Z security. @MumbaiPolice have been working tirelessly to keep us safe even during covid."

'Please don't politicise Sushant's tragic death'

The TV presenter-turned-actress said that instead of politicising the case, she should use her power to help the Mumbai police. Renuka Shahane added, "Please don't politicize Sushant's tragic death & use it to badmouth Mumbai & it's people @fadnavis_amruta Instead you have all the power to help the police in their investigation by providing them with any details that you might be sure of ."

Renuka Shahane's tweets
Renuka Shahane's tweetsTwitter

Many followers of Devendra Fadnavis and Sushant Singh Rajput's fans were angry at Renuka Shahane for her criticism of Amruta Fadnavis. They started trolling her and asked her several questions on the issue. The actress responded to some of them and tried to clear their confusion. A netizen named Pankaj Sen said that there is nothing political in her statement.

In reply to him, Renuka Shahane questioned Amruta's silence over the loss of many lives in Elphinstone bridge accident, She wrote, "There is! If she were the CMs wife she wouldn't make such a statement about Mumbai, whatever the circumstances. Remember Elphinstone bridge collapsing during @Dev_Fadnavis tenure? Many Mumbaikars died but she did not say anything about Mumbai not being safe or being heartless!"

Another fan claimed that Bollywood is trying to cover up the case with gimmicks. Renuka Shahane told him, "The investigation has to be conducted without pressure, either from media, politicians or whoever. If it was suicide & there was abettment we must bring the perpetrators to justice. If it was a murder, the murderers must be caught. But this Bihar v/s Mumbai nonsense isn't helping."

Renuka Shahane's tweets
Renuka Shahane's tweetsTwitter

Arun Tripathi alleged that she doesn't have any empathy for the departed soul. Renuka Shahane wrote to him, "Of course I do and that is exactly why I don't want the entire investigation to be questioned without knowing what they have concluded. I want Sushant to have the justice he absolutely deserves. That is exactly why I am not jumping to any conclusions."

Renuka Shahane responded to Barun, who asked her not to stop the emotions of Sushant's fans and wrote, "You are right. The whole country wants to know the truth. First "Nepokids" were murderers, then "Bollywood gangs", then mental health issues, the family has accused Rhea & her parents, now @AUThackeray is the culprit? Is this mudslinging getting us close to the truth? Ask yourself."

Premchand Patil alleged that a minister of government is doing cruel things. Renuka Shahane replied to him, "Any proof of this accusation? Or does proof or truth not count for anything? Everybody wants to accuse & be the lynch mob. Point fingers, be the judge & the jury & not wait for the investigation to be complete."