Former India all-rounder Suresh Raina's father, Trilokchand Raina passed away on February 6 in his hometown. Raina's father lost his long battle against cancer, today. Trilokchand Raina's health had deteriorated since December and Raina was taking care of his father at their Ghaziabad home. The cricket fraternity has paid their tribute to Suresh Raina's father.

Trilokchand Raina
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Who was Trilokchand Raina?

Trilokchand Raina was a military officer in an ordinance factory and had mastery in making bombs. Raina's father, originally belonging to Jammu and Kashmir, had left the village after the killings of Kashmir Pandits in the 1990s. "He looked after the families of soldiers who had died. His was a very emotional work. This was tough, making sure that the money orders went and they received all the government benefits that they were eligible for," Raina had once said in an interview about his father.

Suresh Raina, Trilokchand Raina, Priyanka
Suresh Raina, Trilokchand Raina, PriyankaInstagram

When the family left Kashmir

Suresh had spoken about how he never brings up the subject in front of his father as the topic remains a disturbing and emotional part of his life. "There are certain things that my father doesn't want to remember, what happened with Kashmiri brahmins. So papa thought it better to take his family to a safe environment, that was one of the toughest decisions that papa made. He had a house there and his brothers. It was a wise decision, he had four sons and then I was born."

Suresh's endearing wish for father

On Father's day in 2021, Suresh Raina had written a heart-touching note for his father. "Wishing a very #HappyFathersDay to my father. Your resilience, selfless love & lessons of life is what makes me who I'm today. You are my powerhouse of strength who silently & constantly keeps pushing me forward in life. Wishing you lots of love, health & happiness always," he had tweeted.