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Season 10 of the CW series "Supernatural" will air the finale episode, "Brother's Keeper" on Wednesday, 20 May, and one special guest star is coming back – Death (Julian Richings).

While Sam (Jared Padalecki) is busy looking for ways to save his brother, Dean (Jesen Ackles) may be getting ready to check out of earth; this time, hopefully forever.

Dean blames Sam for the death of his beloved Charlie (Felicia Day) and goes on a rampage, killing "everyone and everything" loved by the people who killed her. Although fired up with the need to avenge Charlie's death, it soon becomes clear that Dean is driven by the Mark of Cain that wants to see blood spilled.

Dean beats Castiel (Misha Collins) to pulp. In the promo for "Brother's Keeper", he is seen seeking Crowley's (Mark Sheppard) help to get rid of Dean's curse. However, the King of Hell is still stinging from the sneak attack Sam tried to pull on him at Rowena's (Ruth Connell) behest. It is clear that Crowley wants to exact revenge on his mother Rowena, and Castiel is predicted to get stuck between the witch and the demon.

Meanwhile, Dean is still on his killing spree and hopefully takes a breather long enough to realise that the Mark is driving him to kill mercilessly. As a Hail Mary, he calls the most powerful entity known to him: Death. Death offers to get rid of the mark for Dead, but on a "fairly sizeable, non-negotiable condition". What the condition is will only be revealed in the finale episode "Brother's Keeper".

Regardless, the following are our predictions to what they might be. Tell us which you think is most probable or suggest anything else you think Death would want from Dean.

What is Death's condition to save Dean from the 'Mark of Cain'?
Death wants to retire and wants Dean to take over as the new Grim Reaper
Death wants Dean to promise that this time round, he will remain dead for good
Death tasks Dean with finding God and getting him to look after Earth once again.
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