The premiere episode of CBS' "Supergirl" is all set to hit the small screen as the pilot episode will be aired on 26 October. The series will add one more character from DC Comics universe to the small screen after "Flash" and "Arrow."

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The story will be about Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman's cousin who escaped from her home planet Krypton as it was about to get destroyed.

According to the latest sneak peek released by CBS of the pilot episode, former "Glee" star Melissa Benoist, who is playing the role of Supergirl, is seen to be lifting an air-plane with people in it. It seems fans are up for a lot of action and adventure in the upcoming episode of the show.

Even though media organisations are worried regarding Benoist's performance as the titular character in the series, Carter Matt has mentioned it all depends on the casting.

It mentioned that like Benoist, Grant Gustin, who plays "The Flash" in CW television series of the same name, was said that he doesn't fit for the role. However, contrarily, the show became one of the most successful ones by CW.

It is yet to be decided whether Benoist can justify the role or not, but with her high spirits and a forever positive attitude, it seems she is a good choice for donning the cape of Supergirl.

In an interview with New York Post, Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer of the show, said, "The minute you meet her you fall in love with her. Her laugh, her smile, her positivity. When it's 4 in the morning and everyone on the set is tired, you hear gales of laughter and it's always her."

In the pilot episode, Kara, who works for a mean and demanding boss, will be seen struggling to keep her identity concealed. She kept it a secret for 12 years and only her sister (daughter of her earth's guardians) knows about her abilities and superpowers.

From the look of the trailer, the series seems to be exciting with an action packed story. Whether it will be as successful as its other counterparts, will be decided only after a few episodes are released.