Sunny Wadhwani

The world has taken a drastic change and shifted towards the online era. From the universe of entertainment to the universe of information or education every field is at its height because of the digital world. The over-usage of anything has its adverse effect, and the over-usage of the digital world by people of any age group is making track of negativity for them in this cyber world.

To get you out of any severe crime or negativity there is a master in digital tools at just the age of 29, he is Sunny Wadhwani.

Getting multiple talents under your hand is a difficult task and takes time to get perfection in it but the digital expert has broken this perception through his achievements and passion. From a young age, he tried to make the keyboard his friend, and his daily hard work made him the World Record holder for Fastest English Roman Typing by International Book of Records, Golden Book of Records, and World Record. He typed A to Z in 1.801 seconds on the QWERTY keyboard and also typed the famous Pangram "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" in no more than 3 seconds, he claims.

In 2016, he started his own digital marketing company named Wadhwani Enterprises with an investment of less than $1000 and successfully handled more than 500 clients and also tried to accelerate more efforts for the business growth.

He believes that knowledge should not be just in the four walls of your mind, we should spread it. He says, " There are many things of which people are unaware especially about the vast digital world and cyber world, so I want that my knowledge should inform as many people as I can so that I can aware of the pros and cons and also educate them to at least identify the problem, if not the solution."

The journey doesn't end here. His entrepreneurial skills have been applauded by the Youngest Digital Entrepreneur, Indore" in Super 30 of Central India's First Digital marketing conclave "DIGICON" - Powered By Google Digital Unlocked, Organized by Mp09Digital. He has recently become the face of Patrika 40 under 40 winners in Entrepreneur, Digital Entrepreneur & E-Business categories which add up more to his popularity and his masterwork.

He never drops the chance of presenting himself to others and this zeal made him win the National Level Presentation Competition at Encore 3 Event by Jaipuria Institute of Management and was also honored for Social Welfare at Helen Keller Academy, Indore, MP. He participated in India Initiative Workshop 2020 held in MIT Mumbai. He also contributed to the Harvard-India US Initiative Conference 2020 in Mumbai.

His expertise in solving cyber fraud cases and recovering the hacked account and helping people to get out of the trap made him even more popular in the digital world and because of his helping nature you can contact him anytime on his website.

The overall package of knowledge about the digital world, cyber world, determination, passion and never give up attitude made him successful in his career and he is now becoming an inspiration for the youth to get into the digital world without having the fear of being trapped. His positive vibe generates the spark in the people to achieve more without counting upon the hurdles.