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The cancellation of Sunny Leone's New Year's Eve performance in Bengaluru has left her fans fuming. They have shown their support to the former adult actress and slammed the Congress government in Karnataka along with Karnataka Police for failing to provide security for the event.

"Just because she was an adult star before, you just cannot tarnish her image in the name of saving Indian culture. Common guys, please grow up and mature yourselves. India is also the land of Kamasutra as well, if you don't know! #Sunnyleone #Partyboycott [sic]," a furious fan named Prateek Chakraborty‏ wrote on Twitter.

The Times Creations, an event management firm, was organising the event reportedly at a cost of Rs 2.5 crore and the preparations were in full swing before a fringe group held protests against the event on moral grounds in Bengaluru.

The members of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sene had burnt her photographs and threatened to intensify their protests if the event was not called off. What came as a shock to fans was Karnataka government took a 'sanskari' stand and refused to give security to the event.

Karnataka Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy refused to give permission on the grounds that such shows do no representative "our culture." He has directed the police commissioner to not permit such events in the city.

The reports also say that the Home Minister is of the opinion that the organisers can use local talent in place of Sunny Leone and can have shows that represent "our culture."

Meanwhile, the show organisers have moved the Karnataka High Court stating that the authorities are not giving permission by "falsely" citing security reasons, reports The Hindu.

Netizens and many fans of Sunny Leone have expressed their anguish on Twitter and have targeted the government, media and the police department. Find their posts below:

Priyanka: Dear Karnataka govt, this is not done. You have lost all the credibility to question the BJP as I see no difference b/w you and BJP. And media, you have once again proven that u take stand when it suits your ideologies the best. #ISupportSunnyLeone @SunnyLeone

The_Sonia‏ @flying_bird__: Shame on bangalore police n government. Personally every one watches sunny port but publicly turning into moral guards for a fun event #istandwithsunny more power to u #SunnyLeone

Prateek Chakraborty‏ @prateekchakra14: Just because she was an adult star before, you just cannot tarnish her image in the name of saving Indian culture. Common guys, please grow up and mature yourselves. India is also the land of Kamasutra as well, if you don't know! #Sunnyleone #Partyboycott

GhoseSpot‏Verified account @SandipGhose: I am even more surprised with my old friend Neelmani Raju being the DGP of Karnataka now. It is more politics than security, I suspect. #Bangalore #SunnyLeone
I am also disappointed that the Liberal citizens of #Bangalore like Ram Guha (Sr and Jr), Karnads (Sr and Jr) have not issued a statement (or did I miss it) and organise a march on Brigade Road in support of #SunnyLeone. They are letting down the youth of the country.

Shirin Ali‏ @Shirina777: Most fan following, TOP google n Yahoo search celeb #SunnyLeone cancels her New Year event after police fails to assure safety for the patrons.
NOW, she is all set to win more fans after this statement on cancelled Bengaluru New Year performance

ÂĽŁÛÄŘJŪÑ & ŚÚŘŸĮÃ ‏ @sudarshanred143: Unlike her Haters, this Lady has No Hate even for those who Oppose Her. She does not apologize for her own choices, and she never begs anyone to accept herself. For me, she's the true feminist icon... #SunnyLeone

Purvi‏ @pretty_purvi: Tum kitne shows cancel karoge
Har phone se Sunny Leone niklegi #SunnyLeone #Jesus

S.Vasudeva Murthy‏ @svmurthy: Is Ram Sene supported Congress Behind it ? #SunnyLeone

pallavi‏ @pallavict: In #Karnataka, #SunnyLeone show cancelled
Kids hugging in Kerala school punished
No intolerance rant by media for Congi & left govts indulging in #Sanskari behaviour

Saurabh Rauniyar‏ @SaurabhRauniyar: #Karnataka Govmnt will see what #SunnyLeone will wear before giving approval for her show but no outrage from Media but Media is in constant state of outrage due 2 stray incidents caused by anyone seems to be related to right wing.

Olly‏ @sharetweetz: #SunnyLeone 's event canceled in #Congress ruled Bangalore.
Students of a Christian school in CPI (M) ruled Kerala suspended because they hugged.
#Padmavati movie banned by #BJP ruled states.
Indian political class. Divided by parties. United by stupidity

Abhishek Gureja‏ @AbhishekGureja: A former porn star's show is a threat to Indian culture whereas murder by a Hindu Nationalist is an act of bravery.
MLAs watching porn on their phones in the same Karnataka Assembly is okay but someone performing song & dance is a problem because of her past! HOW? #SunnyLeone

Yogi DonaldNath‏ @SuitBootkaTweet: I fully support Karnatak Govt's decision of #SunnyLeoneCensored
I request Maharashtra CM to allow #SunnyLeone to perform at Mumbai at Year end and help save "Culture and heritage of Karnatak"