Jar of sugar
Consumption of junk food and aerated drinks high on sugar makes people addicted to sugar which is similar to tobacco addiction.Reuters

Dental health has been a cause of concern in India and binge consumption of junk foods and sugary beverages is worsening the condition.

Doctors have warned that excess sugar eating habit leads to leads to dental problems and is as addictive as tobacco. Chewing tobacco is also recognised as a major threat to health by Indian oncologists.

In India, 50 percent of the overall population suffers from dental caries, which include one to two- year-old infants. Adult population comprising of 80 to 90 percent are affected by a mild gingivitis, a gum disease, reports Deccan Herald.

"Consumption of aerated drinks and junk food high on sugar, makes people unwittingly addicted to sugar, leading to craving for it, and eventually it wrecks their dental health. The addiction could be similar to that of tobacco, and hence a matter of worry," stated Dr OP Kharbanda, chief of Centre for Dental Education and Research (CDER) at the AIIMS, according to Deccan Herald.

An international conference on "Is Sugar the New Tobacco" will be organised by AIIMS this November 11, 2016. The aim of the conference will be to throw light on the evidence that sugar addiction is similar to tobacco addiction.

"Two international experts on dental health and nutrition from the UK would be attending the event, besides some experts from the AIIMS. The symposium would also deliberate on the global best practices on control of sugar intake and suitable guidelines needed in India context," Dr Kharbanda said.

He even informed that 25 per cent of the people belonging to the age group of 10 to 30 years got imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed, this condition is termed as malocclusion.