Suchitra Karthik Leaks: Sanchita Shetty clarifies on nude video/pictures circulating online
Sanchita ShettyPR Handout

Suchitra Karthik's tweets continue to shock Kollywood members as well as fans. In her latest series of posts, she has dragged several celebrities into controversy, promising to bring out many sex scandals in the open.

On Friday night, Suchitra Karthik alleged that many popular film figures have physical relationships with leading actresses. The singer also posted some nude pictures and videos. She took a few big names and promised to leak their sex tapes in the days to come.

Her Twitter account was in the news on Friday, after a nude video clip and pictures of Sanchita Shetty were posted on the social network. Sanchita Shetty has now come forward to clarify that she has no links to the posts that are doing the rounds on social media sites.

"Hi everyone, I am very much aware what is happening in social media. I want to clarify one thing to all my fans and who are all loving me. Those pictures which are circulating in social media are not mine and thanks for your love and support," Sanchita Shetty said in a video message on her Twitter account.

Suchitra Karthik has been posting such controversial posts for a week now. Initially, she had claimed that Dhanush and Simbu manhandled her. Later, her husband tried to end the issue by saying that her account was hacked and then it was retrieved. 

However, the controversial posts continued to surface, and a few days ago some private posts of popular celebrities like Dhanush, Hansika Motwani, Trisha and a few others were leaked.

Now, Suchitra Karthik's husband has also posted a video message in which he has revealed that she is facing difficulties in overcoming her emotions. Here is what he said in the video message:

"This is a overwhelming kind of support and understanding that has been pouring in with respect to Twitter updates in Suchi's handle. The people who've been mentioned in it in a not-so-positive way have actually reached out to me seeking and clarifying and understanding and trying to understand the situation. And I had the honesty to tell them that it is indicative of a certain emotional state that Suchi has been going through that we all are as a family trying to understand better, and better to address. And in that process there are some emotional outbursts that have happened which have, as we see, very little factual basis. I really value all of their understanding. I really value all of their love and care and I am sure if this were to happen to somebody in your family, I wish you would also get the same love, understanding and care that I am receiving right now from the people who are hurt by it the most. They realise there is nothing personal and It is indicative of a certain emotional state. I request the Press not to go to town with this.. and not take any of the facts seriously.. they're not facts.. they're not to be taken for what they are.. we should understand the situation better.. we should extend a little restraint on going to town about this.. treat such like you would treat your own family member.. thank you for giving my family the benefit of the doubt."