Suchitra Karthik

Kollywood seems to be heaving a sigh of relief after the account of RJ and singer Suchitra Karthik was deactivated. She has been in the news recently as malicious photos of top celebrities were posted on her Twitter account.

The controversy broke on February 22 when Dhanush and Simbu were accused of assaulting her and a few photos were also released to justify her claims. Initially, people ignored the issue believing that it was yet another case of an account of a celebrity being hacked.

Her husband Karthik then claimed that her account had been hacked and was later retrieved, but what followed shocked the entire industry. The tweets opened a can of worms with scandalous allegations being made on celebrities, Dhanush being the prime target.

The issue took a serious turn with the name of Chinmayi also dragged in. This time, her husband Karthik said that Suchitra was suffering from depression and requested people and the media not to take her claims seriously.

His statement was an admission of Suchitra herself making all those allegations against the top celebrities. Stars like Chinmayi and Selvaraghavan did not react to the issue and rather prayed for her recovery.

The story took another turn when Suchitra herself came on a television channel and claimed that her account was hacked and she did not post the controversial tweets.

Her clarification was in contradiction to what her husband claimed, leading to a lot of confusion. If Suchitra was trying to save her reputation and is, in fact, suffering from depression, it's high time that the fiasco dies down.  

If it was indeed a hacker, then the culprit needs to be punished as this has tarnished the image of celebrities like Dhanush, Trisha Krishnan, Amala Paul, Chinmayi, Selvaraghavan, Andrea and a few others.

Don't you think the hacker needs to be made an example of for creating unnecessary controversy involving various celebrities?