Suchitra Karthik

Celebrities have responded to the allegations mounted by the hacker of singer Suchitra Karthik's twitter account. The tweets on Suchitra Karthik's twitter account claimed to have leaked controversial videos of celebrities like Chinmayi, Dhanush, Anirudh, Selvaraghavan and others.

It all started last week when the singer took to Twitter to claim that Dhanush and Simbu sexually assaulted her. The allegations reached a shocking stage when tweets revealed some private photos of the celebrities. If it was not enough, the hacker claimed that he would leak sex tapes of a couple of celebrities.

Below, find the response of the celebrities, who have been dragged into the controversy:

Chinmayi Sripada: Rahul and I spoke to Karthik Kumar, when the issue first started and we understood immediately when he told us she was unwell.
An emotional meltdown can happen to anyone. And Karthik Kumar put out a video on FB yesterday thanking people for the support.
Let us be honest, a LOT of us have gone through major stresses, or our family members have. We dont talk about it. Thats all.
However, whatever is going on in her account right now, (she blocked me ages ago for reasons best known to her) is WRONG! Effing wrong.
Nonetheless, my conscience is clear and have nothing to be afraid of.
I ll choose to be the better person. #karma.

Geetha Selvaraghavan‏: My sympathies to @suchitrakarthik and her husband @evamkarthik These r terrible times as my heart goes out to them... Stay strong.
As for the ppl mentioned like my husband @selvaraghavan my bro @dhanushkraja and various dear friends, we all have your back @evamkarthik.

Selvaraghavan: My friends. I was about to give police complaint but I love and respect her husband @evamkarthik.

Actress Anuya: It's amazing how ppl believe shit,sado-masochism!God save Ur souls whoever gains pleasure out of othrs charactr assassintn!@suchitrakarthik
I guess dis is d reason good artists refrain from being a public figure,coz more than d art crap has more value in d public eye!
@BalaG_offlstoppin fire which wasnt in ur hands2begin wid tkes its time&d damage remains goes widout sayin!it's not easy being in my positn!
@VeerA2792 unfortunately I dnt fall to d level of others cheapness!plus it seems it's not her personal account
It's amazin how @suchitrakarthik seems2hve nudes of every1!seems more like good artist is in luv wid us&wnts2c us in every nude dey pic! :D
I tke it as complimnt if sum1's fantasin me inspite of nt being on silver screen4so long2tke d effort of workin on creatin a piece of art!
just2open ur minds,ppl(unlike me)put their daily selfies on fb,God save thm frm dis charactr asasinatn!nvr knw whr U find Ur own pic morphd!

Sanchita Shetty: "Hi everyone, I am very much aware what is happening in social media. I want to clarify one thing to all my fans and who are all loving me. Those pictures which are circulating in social media are not mine and thanks for your love and support.