Shashank Sanghvi

Shashank Sanghvi is a well-known internet personality. The 32-year-old Mumbai-based digital creator has around 1 million Instagram followers and over 70k YouTube subscribers. He enjoys traveling and is enthusiastic about brand collaborations.

The digital content creator is inspired by all those people who have built something on their own, never given up hope, and contributed to the advancement of society. Reading literature thrills him and inspires him to go beyond his comfort zone. "For me, it opens up a whole new universe of possibilities. When things get a little overwhelming, books come to my rescue and provide me with the motivation I need to keep going," he shares.

He is also liked by brands, and his large fan base isn't the only reason. He understands the pulse of the internet community and develops both effective and valuable content. He began working full-time as a digital creative three years ago and has already collaborated with major companies such as Hyundai, Amazon, Ullu, Oral B, Garnier Men, Axe, and others. His recent Instagram ad campaign for Amazon Pay went viral, with nearly half a million views.

The Internet has become a huge part of every person's life. Social media sites have opened new career opportunities to many youngsters today, and digital creator is one of them. Many people wish to share their original content with people but don't know how and where to start from. For such dreamers, he has good advice.

His encouraging piece of advice for people looking to establish a name for themselves on social media is this - "Be truthful to yourself. The key to success is consistency. Simply trust in your abilities. Have faith in yourself. Whatever occurs, do not compromise your morals. Discover, Dream, and Explore! Enjoy each and every minute!"