Subramanian Swamy and P Chidambaram
Subramanian Swamy and P ChidambaramSocial media

Former Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram spoke about the political crisis in Rajasthan and said that the BJP-appointed governors are repeatedly violating the constitution. In reply to Chidambaram's comment, Subramanian Swamy mocked him and said, "The Devil quoting the Scripture."

The Congress government in Rajasthan requested the Governor to allow to hold a special assembly session to prove its majority, but the Governor has not given the permission for it yet. P Chidambaram held a video conference on the Congress briefing and condemned the Governor's delaying tactics.

Addressing the video conference, P Chidambaram said that all the BJP-appointed governors are violating the law. He said, "Governors appointed by the BJP since 2014 have repeatedly violated the letter and spirit of the Constitution of India. In the process, they have gravely impaired parliamentary democracy, its conventions and traditions."

Talking about Rajasthan governor Kalraj Mishra, P Chidambaram said, "Despite these judgments and the statements of law, the Governor of Rajasthan has stalled and continues to stall a perfectly valid request of the Council of Ministers of Rajasthan to convene a session of the Legislative Assembly."

Chidambaram continued, "His current stand that the law gives him a 'discretion' to summon the Assembly or not is a complete distortion of the law declared by the Courts. If a CM accused of not enjoying the majority wants to prove his majority, he is entitled to call a session at the earliest. No one can stand in his way. Placing any obstacle would undermine the fundamental basis of a parliamentary democracy."

The former Union Finance Minister concluded, "We sincerely hope Rajasthan Governor will obey the law. He must remember that he has no other masters except the Constitution and law. He must immediately grant request of Council of Ministers & summon a session of Legislative Assembly."

It is known that Subramanian Swamy has trapped P Chidambaram in the 2G spectrum case and the Hashimpura massacre case. After seeing his allegations against the BJP-appointed governors, the BJP leader took to Twitter to mock and wrote, "Look who is talking about not breaking the law! The Devil quoting the Scripture!!!"