Saloni Panda
Saloni Panda

Started young at the age of 19, Saloni Panda is making her name on Instagram (@saloni_panda). She has always been interested in learning new things, especially when it comes to the creative field. She is a Home Chef and an Influencer. She is also a versatile Odissi dancer and choreographer and has performed at various events. Not only has she achieved academic excellence, but also achieved a lot in the extracurricular field. She has also received felicitation from the Malaysia Book of records in abacus and Mental arithmetic and has also received the Super Womaniya Award 2019 for her multi talents!

Saloni's page consists of a lot of her homecooked food that she presents with her beautiful plating skills that are loved by all her followers. She is also known as the "Plating Queen" by many. Her page is known for simplicity. She makes even the simplest of foods look great with her skills. Over the 2 years of her journey, she has collaborated with many brands and has been invited to many high-end hotels.

She believes that being true to your work is the main success mantra. "Never cheat on yourself and your work, be determined to achieve your goal and nothing can stop you from succeeding in life," she says.

Apart from being an influencer, she is also a working professional and knows to balance her work life with her passion. She spends her weekends planning out content for her page. "My weekends are only dedicated to my page, I cover events, cook, go out and create content for the following week". She believes that one should not quit their job unless they feel they have made a sustainable mark in the influencing industry.

"The support that I get from my family and my audience is what means the most to me. I feel happy when people tell me how I have inspired them in many ways" she says

She feels that the best thing about being in this field is that you can get creative and explore a lot of things. Everyday, you learn something new and grow.

Saloni has a long way to go and we wish her all the best!