In the latest episode of "Star Wars Rebels" Season 2 titled "Always Two There Are," the third Inquisitor, also known as the Seventh Sister, will make an appearance.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, while searching for supplies for the fleet, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper are on a daring mission to an abandoned medical station. But when two Inquisitors sent by Darth Vader endanger Sabine and Ezra, Zeb and Chopper have to find a way to save them.

It seems the Empire continues to harass the rebels as Ezra, Zeb, Chopper and Sabine try their best to fight against them.

In the upcoming episode, the Rebels take help of Captain Rex and the 'Oldies' as they proceed to fight while the Oldies remain behind.

Rex tries to gain the trust of Kanan but it is not as easy as it seems because, in the past, Kanan has been deceived by the Clone Troopers. As Darth Vader has sent the Inquisitors to take care of the rest of the Rebels, the situations is going to be difficult for the Ghost Crew.

The Seventh Sister Inquisitor will be voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar who will torture Ezra in the upcoming episode.

In the previous episode titled "Relics of the Old Republic," Ezra and the team befriended Captain Rex and his colleagues while they worked together to prevent an attack by agent Kallus.

Ashoka Tano's reunion with Captain Rex encouraged the rebels to move forward as Captain Rex and his team fought through the hoards of Storm Troopers and led their squad against the Empire. A heavy battle between Republic Tanks and AT-ATs followed afterwards.

How Ezra and others will make an escape and what will happen to Captain Rex and his team once the Empire forces turn up will be seen only in the next episode.