In a shocking incident, a 12-year-old girl was assaulted by her mother in Mumbai. The 35-year-old woman has allegedly stabbed her daughter as she failed to pay attention in an online class. The child was attending a class online when the incident happened.

Reports state that the child was attacked with a sharp pencil after she could not answer a question, which was put across to her by her teacher during the class.

The Santacruz police station booked the woman for allegedly stabbing her daughter with a pencil and it was also reported that the child was brutally bitten by her mother.

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On Wednesday the child was undergoing an online class when her mother got enraged. The mother stabbed her using a pencil on her back and also bit her multiple times, according to reports. The girl's younger sister had witnessed the whole incident and following this, she dialled the child helpline number -- 1098.

After the call, two representatives from the NGO reached the girl's house and asked the mother about the reason for her behaviour. Despite reasoning with her, the woman didn't accept that she did any wrong and remained adamant and a case was then registered against her.

The woman has not been arrested yet

According to a UNICEF study, which intended to evaluate parenting tactics in five Indian states, concluded that children as young as newly-born to about six years of age suffer from several instances of severe physical, verbal and emotional abuse and parents do such things under the guise of punishment or discipline.

It was known that hitting children is a widespread practice in India and 77.5% parents resort to hitting children, with 28% admitting that they do this on a regular basis.

In another survey, about 1,790 parents were interviewed and it was learnt that about 80 per cent of the mothers had to be strict at home because fathers were away most of the time and they did this to encourage discipline among children.